Friday, July 20, 2007

Bloggers Unite:)

I was tagged today with this special award by the very talented Anna. It is a priviledge for me to be tagged by such a fantastic and brilliant card maker and designer!Well, I am going to tag 5 people who have some amazing work up on their blog and who have come and visit my blog and give me some encouraging praises.

So I would like to nominate:





Ladies, please display the pink blogger symbol on your blog and nominate five people each. I know how irritating tagging can be but I suppose it is way to view what other bloggers' are getting up to.


  1. Wow!! I am sooooo happy!

    It is me who enjoys your works~~

    Let me check out the other four blos... can't wait!

  2. I am the honored one! Your work rocks!

  3. Hi Tassy
    You should be able to get the Johnson's Klear Floorwax at any supermarket or from branches of Wilkinsons if you have one in your area.
    It is the most stunning technique so I do hope that you can find some to have a go as I know you will love it.
    Good luck hun:)))


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