Monday, December 29, 2008

Acetate Card

Hey everyone!It's me again.I have made this Acetate Card and would like to share with you what worked and what didn't work.And also, a few ideas about how you can make a see through card while still being able to hide the glue on the other side.

Oh before I forgot, I have finally managed to upload mini pictures (which are clickable for a bigger view I hope!) and I am going a bit mad with it.It took me ages to learn this and I must say a BIG THANK YOU to Emilia (click on her name to view her fab and cute blog)who has has helped me. This post here, I have managed to group the pictures together by resizing on Paint Shop Pro itself.My previous post, I had to upload in photobucket and when you click on it, it takes you to photobucket, and it wasn't what I wanted. Anyway, all in all, I am very happy that I have managed to work this out, but without the help of Emilia, I wouldn't have managed.

Click HERE if you want to see the picture tutorial she did on her blog to explain how you can do this.

Okay, let's get started with this Acetate Card.First of all, you can buy two types of acetates, one which is the normal acetate, and the other one, though I wouldn't say it is abnormal, it is the special one that you can put in your photocopier. And the latter is smooth and glossy on one side, and rough on the other side. Now if you are planning to make an acetate card without heat embossing, then go ahead and use the 'normal' acetate which you can get in different thicknesses.I have a few acetates (normal ones) and some are thin, and some quite thick.But I cannot remember where I got them from *sorry*. But in this project, I am using the special one and I got it from a stationery shop, I just asked for Photocopy Acetate.

Then, I stamped as usual with embossing ink on the glossy side, and I have used white embossing powder and heat embossed with a heat tool. Remember to move your heat tool about so you dont scorch the acetate. Sometimes, the acetate might start to curl ever so slightly but by that time, the embossing powder should have melted anyway.

Here in the first picture, I have used a normal acetate just to show you what will happen. It doesn't work as it is not heat resistant and obviously you will not have a pretty sight, huh!Also notice how the embossing powder sticks to the acetate as the acetate is very static.

Here I have used the special acetate. It has started to curl very very lightly, but the embossing is done.It is less static but I did have to use a dry paintbrush to brush off excess of powder around the flower, inside the petals.

Comparing the two acetates get the idea.
Okay, so I went ahead and stamped a flower image(by Katie & co- Flower Bud) three times, embossed and cut out. The smaller flowers are die cut using Thin Cuts(Flowers) using a Big Shot machine.I have used an embossed card (which I have embossed using the cuttlebug embossing folder) but when I have cut the flowers, the embossing flattened down as I suppose, when it gets through the Big shot, for cutting, the embossing went down.So I have 6 of the smaller flowers.

Then ,I have trimmed down a Basicgrey 'Phoebe' paper to fit about a quarter of my card from the bottom. I have punched one end with a scalloped edge punch.I have used an ATG gun to apply glue to the back of the paper. If you dont have an ATG, you can use double sided tape as you would want the paper to stick pretty good to the acetate.See picture below...

Next is another piece of patterned paper (birds)from the same Basicgrey paper pad, and I have trimmed it down a little smaller than the first piece attached to the card.

Next , I have embossed a piece of white card using the Cuttlebug embossing folder 'Textiles' and trim down so that it hides the seams of the first two layers making sure it doesnt cover everything!I then decided to show only the scalloped edge part of the green paper.

Then, I have used the same pattern paper of the Bird that I have used on the front of my card to cover the inside of the card so you cannot see the glue. All you need to do is measure the size of what you can see in the card, and trim your patterned paper and glue as usual.
See picture below.Make sure it fits properly...In my picture a tiny bit of paper from the front of the card can still be seen at the top...and you DO NOT want that.Oh , also, punch the edge of the card with your scalloped edge first then you trim down to size. I have made many mistakes in the past by measuring up first then punch out, the whole piece will get smaller as when you punch out , you use more card.
I cannot help from not doing some grouping of pictures.But lets just say, these are 'At a Glance' kinda thing!

I have attached a polka dot ribbon to match and now, adhering the flowers. I have used mini glue dots to stick the first flower but I have put the flower inside. If you look at the picture you can see the glue dots( I hope).

A close up here so you can see exactly what I mean.
Then, to hide the glue dots, I have adhered the mini flower on the front of the card, using glue dot again but making sure it hides the glue dots on the other side(inside) of the card.Repeat with the other two flowers, but instead of putting them inside, I have this time, glued them on the front of the card, and repeat the process of hiding the glue dots on the inside of the card.
I have finished off by stamping down the 'hugs and kisses' sentiment which is from the 'never a loss for words' by Kitchen Sink Stamps.

This is the inside of the card. So, there you have it!I hope you have enjoyed this and please comment if you have a minute...When I get comments, it makes my day.My husband asked me: And how do you write in this card?
I stared blankly at him and I said very confidently: Crafters will know how to write in this card, come on, be creative!!!And anyway, this card is a gift in itself, it says actually don't have to write anything!
So come on crafters, make a see through card and stamped your heart away on the front of the card.

Bye and see you again soon!


  1. Great card and fabulous explanation!
    Yes, I learned from Emilia too how to post a group of smaller photos that can be enlarged.

  2. Those are great Tassy, good description and photos of the different types of acetate.

    Cazzy x

  3. I love working with acetate - and this card you've demo-ed is a beauty!


    Happy New Year.


  4. Thanks girls!Really appreciate your comments.Cazzy I will visit your blog later today and hope to see some acetate cards!:)joking.And lazykay,I have realised I love working with acetate too.Glad you like this card.And if you haven't visited Godelieve blog yet, do so as she is just amazing and my main source of inspiration online:))


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