Monday, October 08, 2007

PCJ Challenge 9- Flowers

I am finally on the mend...I actually do feel better and back to 'Life'. I have missed last week's challenge over at PCJ but never mind, this week's challenge has been set by Durcan Designs which is:

This week is Durcan Designs (Tracy Durcan) turn to pick a subject - 'Flowers'

My take for this challenge is this one, hope you like it and it inspires you to have a go. Come and join us and dont forget , the best example get 15% discount code from the sister site online store


  1. Lovely card Tassy... glad you are back with us.... missed you.x.

  2. Tassy,

    I'd love to house your cards in my "Gift Shop" opening in Meridian, Mississippi.
    Hit me with an email and we'll chat about the process.
    I just love your work and it would be an honor to represent you in the U.S.A.
    Much love to you!

  3. Tassy, great work !!! Even though I am not much into Arts and Crafts, I am very much impressed with your work.

    Keep it up and I can see great things happening to you.


  4. Hi Tassy .... I have Tagged you again! So link to my page if you want to take part.

  5. love this card .
    if you are feeling up to it ive tagged you. rules on my BLOG . totally understand if you dont want to join in i find it a bit naff !!!

  6. Lovely card, glad you feel better. It spoils crafting time when you have a high temp & a running nose!
    Im in that place at the minute!


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