Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2008 and thank you to evveryone who visited my blog in 2007 and who has supported me all way through. A big TY to Papercraftjunkies website for all the wonderful challenges which have been set and for such a nice crafting zone to share and learn stuffs.

I have a few resolutions for this year but I think I rather not write about them as each and every year, I let go of them a few months down the line....I have asked my friend Sharon to give me an idea if she's got one but if you do have an idea about how to keep the resolutions going please tell me!:)

I have watched 'Derailed' and I think this is a fantastic film. I liked every single minute of it, if you haven't watch it yet, do so, its worth it!

I will be posting some cards soon , so watch this space....

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  1. Hey Tassy I love your new title picture! you will have to tell me how you do that!
    As for sticking to the resolutions... well I have absolutly no idea.... The only thing I can suggest is that everytime we do something that is part of our resolutions then we should log it either publically (blog) or privately....Making sure folks know we are giving ourselves a huge pat on the back!! this may help to keep our resolve!! also will help to support one another!! Deanne has already said she to is going to slimming world so we can be online buddies!

    The ribbons and fibres are from BLONDE MOMENTS


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