Monday, April 07, 2008

Where has it gone?

I've lost my creativity....:(

I would like to apologise for not blogging these days.Again thanks a lot for everyone who emailed to see if I am okay and when I will be posting new stuffs. Well, I am okay , thank you.There has been a lot going in my life, yet again! Last Friday was the last in my now, previous job. It was a very strange day , lots of emotions , mixed feelings and I existed, but I felt like I was rather part of the furniture than living the day.Anyway, its complicated so let's move on.

I have two weeks Easter break from work. And someone from Canada asked me how weird is that, that we have our Easter break when Easter is well done and over with.This is funny as even at work people were saying, this is not Easter break, its half term. Whatever it is, I do not mind the break!I need this a lot right now.

I have done a few projects over the last week or so but didn't manage to upload them...Why? I do not know. I have the time, I have my memory card(no it's not lost) know when you have a lot of things on your mind and you cannot think properly? Well that's me right now.But this blogging thing, doing art and craft, is indeed an outlet for me when I am happy, but also an escape when I feel like I need a break from the reality of this world. But I am sure you will understand when I say 'creative blockage'. No matter how hard I try to create, I can't. Its frustrating because I have everything I need but I cannot put them together. But I believe I need to get started even if I have to throw a few projects away, at least I am starting on something, then hopefully from there, the rest will follow.

Okay I didn't mean to bore you with my lack of creativity so, I will upload a few projects later. I might also add a link to the launch of the Free Emag I told you about.

It snowed in London yesterday and it was bright sunshine as well. Isn't this weird?

See ya later.


  1. So sorry to hear that life isn't too good at present, hopefully now you've left your job you might get back on track and your creative tallents rise again...

    Dee X

  2. Creative Sensory Overload.

    I understand!


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