Sunday, June 01, 2008


Hi everyone!

This is just a reminder about Papercraft Junkies Free emag which was due to be available tomorrow. But unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, it will now be available in July. I am sorry about this and will let you know the date as soon as it is available to me.

Have a nice Sunday.

Regarding a recent query I had...I do not blog everyday. I wish I could. I work full time and this is a part time thing, a hobby, an outlet..:)But thanks for your interest in my work.

Keep an eye on my new blog coming up soon.Under my profile section, you will find the Jadore Stampin up blog which will showcase work about stampin up only.

Thanks for all your support.



  1. I'll be watching!

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

    Mine has never been better!


  2. I hope Tracy and Marcus are alright Tassy, wondered what was happening and people are asking questions on the forum!

  3. Hey Liquid! Im fine thanks...But Ive been busy like Ive never been recently..So much to do, so little time.Your gift is still packed and sitting on my desk, how bad is that?!
    Cazzy,I hope they are okay too. IT has been quiet on the forum and since the Emag has been postponed, I think all we can do is wait.I just hope everything is okay.

    On my sides, like Ive said, there has been so much happening, my work is taking over my life and no time at all to craft.Week ends come and go, just like that!

    I have a feeling that if it goes like this, I will have to stop blogging all together.That would be a pain!

    Bye for now.I am hoping to post some stampin up projects I did weeks ago today!Always late with posting now.

    Bye and take care,


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