Monday, August 20, 2007


This is my first go at stampbord and this is so much fun!!The surface is such a smooth one, and I have inked it using dark plue and light purple, let it dry.I started to stamp some flowers and did some scratching as well but decided I didnt like the outcome, I took some baby wipes and wiped everything out. And started all over again. Then stamped it with a gorgeous stamp from crafty individuals using black brilliance ink. Thats why on the left side, you might see some lines here and there which are there because of the initial attempt. And then the fun began, I started to use the scratching tool to highlight areas and to even make lines, crossed lines....I sponged over with some red ink and the result is this. I love it!If I can, I will put down a step by step for this one too...


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