Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been tagged!

Sharon has tagged me and it does help to talk a bit about myself which Im not very good at, so like Sharon said, whether you want it or not, here we go!

Four places I worked:

Girls only Secondary School in Mauritius as an Art Teacher
Boys only Secondary School in Mauritius as an Art Teacher
Learning Support Assistant in a secondary school in London
Librarian and Finance Assistant in a secondary school in London

Four places I have lived:
Mauritius (until about 19)
South Africa - Pietermaritzburg( 4 years for my tertiary studies)
London - Tottenham
London - Leyton

Four places I have visited on vacation:
Cape Town
Southend on Sea

Four favourite foods:
Cheese maccaroni
Salmon and baked potato
Soups( cream corn ones!)
Toasts and cheese(honestly)

Four places I would rather be right now:
Dubai- just wanted to visit it!
India- Just have to go back there as I have been there and its lorrvely!
Turkey( my husband really wants to go there!)

Now I should get tagging, hhmmmm, who should I tag?
Okay...sorry to tag you peeps but I am interested to read about your four favourites!






  1. Hi Tassy ... what interesting places youve been to and worked at! I feel positivley boring now! LOL!

  2. This is a nice fun tag.
    Some of them I have been given want names to things I haven't got such as car, partner, pet (unless I count my ex hubby, yuck!!) & my poor kitty who passed away of old age.
    I'll be posting later on today once my DCM card is made & will do the tag. Thanksx


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