Saturday, September 08, 2007

Who's our Family?

I haven't got the chance to blog regularly these days.Back to work and back to less crafting time.The Challenge on the Papercraftjunkies website for last week was :

I hope you can all join in with this challenge and find out who are our family?It maybe an interview with an older member? and record it via a LO , or record your family tree, or even start a journal with your findings about your family .... the theme is open to all interpritations, set by Melissa.

My take for this challenge was:
This is a personalised key holder I've made for my sister. She loved it!

Why don't you browse through the Step by step I have compiled to show you how this key holder ended up like this..!

All right then,

Step 1:

These are plain chip boards and they come with a key ring which opens up.
Step 2:

After I have chosen, two flower chipboards and a round one, I have decided to paint the circle one with Pink Acrylic Dabber. And this will be in the middle , since I was going to use only three chip board, the first and last will be the flower ones, but they will be covered up with patterned paper.

Step 3:

Here I have traced on the patterned paper using the flower chipboard and cut it out.Then I have used Tacky glue to spread on my plain chipboard.

Step 4, 5 and 6:
Once glued down , I turned it over and using the sharp edge of my cutting knife, I neatened the edges by cutting away excess paper. Using a filing board, I filed the edge of the chipboard and this gives it a very nice smooth finish and kind of blend the paper together with the board.And here's how they look when put together.This is a lot of fun!

Step 7, 8 and 9:
I have stamped one side of the board with FLourishes set 1 from Tanda Stamps .Then, I wanted to add a scalloped effect to the edge. I picked couple of papermania shapes (circles) in yellow and lime green, divide them in half using a pencil, then place it under the rim of the cirle where the middle line is, draw the curve, cut them along the curved line, and here we go, semi circled, scallopped effect edge.Complete the whole edge of the circle.
Step 10:
Glue the patterned paper over the board , file the edge as above, then use the acrylic dabber to finish off the egde to give it that neat finish.
Step 11 :
Finished off this side by adding a picture of Naz, my sister since the challenge was about family.
Step 12,13,14 and 15:
I have used a chipboard alphabet N , traced over some thick card, pain over with pink acrylic dabber.Then, I have inked it with clear embossing ink, sprinkled clear embossing powder as shown in the second pic.Dont get confused as its in a tray, and the circle with Naz pic is underneath the tray!Then, I heat embossed the letter N, repeated with letters N and Z, and two little brackets chipboard. A closed up of the letter N when it has heat embossed, a glossy finish.
Step 16:
I have stamped the other side of the circle board with some words. The little flower is stitched flower by Hero Arts and I have coloured it with Pink H2O, and trimmed to the edge.

Step 17,18 and 19:

Here I have used a compass to draw a circle, and a second circle in the middle. I cut through the circle in the middle with a sharp edge scissor then using my scallopped edge scissors I cut around to remove the inner circle...Hope you are still with me and I am still clear with my instructions.If not , I'm sorry and will try better next time!:)
Step 20:
As weird as it might sound, since I dont have a laminator, I bought the laminating sheets, from poundland, then a friend told me they could be set with iron set on low. So I gave it a try, risking this finished piece of work!!But guess wot, it works! Why did I laminate it?Because my sis will be carrying it as a keyholder in her handbag, and I wanted to protect it from rain and humidity!I didn't want it to be pretty only, but also functional.

And last step is to put them together in the key ring!

This is a much bigger pic of the project. I do hope you like it and try it , its easy and fun!

PS: I am sorry that all the pics didn't come out in the same colour! Im still learning how to use this camera of mine. Sometimes the light seems great, but the next pic will have this yellowish tone to it.Dunno why!


  1. What a great project... love the different shape chipboards... and the different techniques... TFS!


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