Saturday, March 22, 2008


Believe it or not, but , I was thinking about why we don't have a system in the Die cutting world where we could cut out scalloped shapes since these little scalloped have taken the world of cardmaking and scrapbooking by storm...To buy punches for them, including the plain circle to mat and layer, would cost an arm and a leg, so it was out of the question.I would have had to buy how many punches? 5? 6? and witht the right plain shapes to go with it, another 5? And then, where do I keep all these as I do not have plenty of storage.So I wondered and wondered and even thought I had a brilliant idea as to think why a Die company isnt doing it! Little did I know that there is already a company(spellbinders) doing it and I wasn't the first person to have thought of that 'brilliant' idea! How sad is that? I was so happy to find out about Nestabilities but so disappointed with myself for not finding this out any sooner..(what was I thinking? I would make a fortune by coming up with this idea and giving my port folio to one of the comapanies?).Anyway, what is done is done, I have to make sure, I am the first one to come out with a super idea....I have to tell you this before I move on, when the crop-a-dile came out, I thought, there should be another one which will allows you to punch in the middle of a 12x12 page...and what happens next? I heard cropadile has got a big brother!!!So again, I failed in my attempt of coming up with what I thought was my bril idea!! day, one day.........

So , I ordered my Nestabilities and let me tell you, I didnt think that you get a set of dies for the price, I thought ,they are sold separately.So I thought they are still expensive but they are not bulky at all. When I found out they are sold by set, I couldnt believe how cheap they were.Look at them, just look at them!!!Little cuties.
And because my birthday is soon, I had a treat!!I love them.I had all the information I needed HERE. This blog is so inspiring and besides all the info on these cuties, you will be able to get 'eye' candy...

So, I have been able to do a something I have been wanting to do...A card with the scalloped circle, matting and layering, embossed, and keep it simple.And this is what I have achieved..


  1. Now this is striking....what a fab effect your new toys a great layout.
    I adore this card.x.x.x

  2. Hi Sharon!Thanks for all your comments! you adore it? Then its yours!It will be on its way to you soon.

  3. aaahhh. what are you like? lol!!! you are such a giving person...One of these days I will have something worth sending to you!lol

    Thank you for your kind comments on my boys crafty posts.


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