Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hugs to you

This is a card I have made using the following: Great impression stamp(the flowery one-not sure what its called though), Hugs to you by Hero Arts, Carl corner punch, and watercolour pencils. I found this flower stamp to be quite unique and challenging. It looks simple but the minute I saw it I knew, I could do much more with it than just a stamped image.

So, I have decided to try rotating the image but, to my big surprise, even though the four middle corners meet to give a repeated image, however, the main flower in the picture doesn't give a mirror image. I do not understand why!If I didn't try this out, I would somehow think it would give a mirror image...but come to think of it now, the whole point of rotating it is to have a continuous rotating image and surely not mirror image!!(excuse my conception of rotation- I do not like maths). Anyway, if the image is found at the corner then it gives a mirror image.Does that make sense?Oh well, never mind!

I have stamped the images four times, coloured them in and used a water brush to slightly go over the colour. Then I cut them out and placed them on a piece of orange card and decide on the size of my orange card . I stamped the hugs to you message four times around the square along the edge of the orange card. I punched out the corners. I then placed some 3D sticky foam under the four squares and stick them down to give a raised effect. I used some double sided tape to secure the orange card onto my greeting card. I think, I do not need any more embellishemnt to go with it.

I think its high time we get some colour coordinated sticky foam pad, don't you think so??

I hope you like it!
Take care,


  1. Excellent idea! I love the design the fours squares have made.


  2. Love the orange on this one!


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