Monday, March 30, 2009

Elegant Birthday Card

Hi everyone:)

As promised, this is a video for you and I hope you like it.Please rate, comment, subscribe and any suggestions or requests are most welcomed.

I am still working on exporting MOD files to MPG, so that I have an extended video , rather than a squashed like one. Hopefully I have worked out the 'formula' and my next video should be better.Also, I will try and keep up the good resolution of an MOD better quality of video should be achieved.And lastly, my sister promised to give me a day light desk lamp, so clearer video? I pray she reads my blog so she knows, I have not forgotten her promise to me(duh! it is about crafting, how can I forget, hahaha!)

Thank you to all my subscribers and those who have commented, I love you girlies and I mean it!:)You make everything worthwhile - so all the time I take to make the video, the editing and all the hard work I have put in this video seems to be nothing compared to the happiness you give me, so thank you.

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  1. Wow,Tassy look so so pretty the card and the enveloped is very elegant you are grade..JLaura


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