Thursday, April 02, 2009

Welcome summer....

Hi everyone!Wot's up?
I'm loving the sunny weather at the moment.It feels so good to leave my coat behind and walk in the warm reminds me of a beautiful island...I'm so looking forward to warm,or even hot weather.It's the first time in my life I am so looking forward to hot must be the fact that we have winter for far too long in the Uk.
Anyway Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating.Don't forget to send me Easter eggs.I prefer plain chocolate ones:).
Thank you to eveyone who rated and commented on my 'just a few cards' video.I have not put up a link as I am updating my blog from my phone and it is taking me forever to type this out.iPhone is great but I hate using it to type stuffs.If you
wanna see my video,check out my link right at the bottom of this page or type my user name which is tassycrafty on YouTube.I would like to add that all the requests you have asked me to do in regards to that video,I will certainly do them.I'm going on two weeks Easter break so I should be able to do them for you and thanks for requesting!I suddenly feel like a very important person;) LOL thanks girls love youz and I mean it.
Anyway, no update yet for my appointment and I'm taking each day at a time.Special message to ysf from Canada,thanks for checking up on me,and for keeping in're a real friend.Bear with me,will email you soon,promise:)good lord it took me nearly half an hour to type this LOL.never again !using a pc is much better!
Good night or good morning or evening or afternoon... Etc

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