Friday, May 11, 2007

A bit tired...

I have been feeling a bit tired lately....I had so much to do this week and managed to do only one card which I havent taken a pic yet. I had my Cardmaking club today at work and there was 9 girls in all doing it now. They were really excited and they learned very fast the stamping technique and some even made a card today itself. Since I have them for an hour(2:30-3:30pm), I tend to be quite laid back but they worked really fast. By 3:20, they were ready to pack up and clean the mess. And they put everything in a folder to continue next week, they were brilliant.

I had the good intention to do some cards tonight but ended up sorting my cards out! sometimes I spend time sorting boxes out then doing work. Its one of those days today.Anyway I will be doing some cards tomorrow.


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