Friday, July 18, 2008

Holidays - At last!

I am on holidays as from now on....Feeling absolutely tired and we were all stunned at work that we have managed to pack everything, so that they could be moved to our new school site for next academic year, which is in August.Everyone is tired, and some are even leaving today itself for a holiday - lucky people!
Today, Im feeling as though I do not want to do anything at all - Can't be bothered at all. I just want to relax with a book - did I say book? Nah, not even a book!My eyes are tired, I need to rest them.Im feeling a bit overwhelmed.I think I still cannot believe what has been going on at work this week with the packing, moving and everything else.It is a lot to take in. And now that its done and over with, I still feel on the edge.It will take me at least 2 days to unwind completely I guess.

Anyway, You might see more of me in the next couple of weeks.I would like to go away for a week end in the countryside or something.

Okay, speak to you soon.

Take care


  1. Enjoy a little chill out time and recharge your batteries.


  2. Thanks! That's what I have been doing and trust me when I say,once I had the sleep and rest I needed, I feel so relaxed and even my dark circles are gone!:)


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