Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Just a quick note as I am so annoyed.I left my email address in my last post as I wanted some help with video editing. But my email was showered with spam messages...and I know it has been like this since I had my email up here...Why? why do people do that?! so so annoying!!!I am so angry.Please, do not abuse information found on my blog to send me those horrible messages....I even had one where someone will definitely kill me if I dont send my bank details, I mean, what kind of people do things like this?
I am so so annoyed.
Please, live and let live!

Bye for now

Take care and be sensible.


  1. Tassy you have to be soo careful not to show your email address anywhere - there are programs out there looking for email addresses to spam to! Best thing would be to ask people to message you, if you reply to a moderated blog the blogger can delete that message so your email address is kept private.

  2. Also you could report that to the police, might be interested in the death threat.

    Change your email address if you can, or get a good spam blocker.

  3. Cazzy, I didnt have a clue.I have changed my email address once since somebody hacked it and whoever that was, gave me my passwork back again after a few days.I created a new email, then I emailed my previous email and told the hacker to give me my password back and he/she did!!Weird...!but anyway,if I have to change my email address again...this will really annoy me.I have to email all my contacts , give them my new addy and most of the times, people forget and they keep emailing on the previous ones...all in all, its such a hassle.But I might have to do this now..Every single day, I get those irritating spam messages.
    Thanks Cazzy for advice.I will be more careful now.My blog is moderated so if someone email me their email address anyway, I won't publish the comment, thus it will be safe.
    Have a nice day!!and take care.
    PS:I still have to catch up with you Cazzy LOL.I have visited your blog so many times and some great work going on there...Will come back soon:)

  4. Actually, I didn't really pay much attention to the death threat since I thought its such a sick spam email...however now that you have mentioned that, I will look into it.
    Take care


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