Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to mount SU unmounted stamps

Hey everyone!

How are you all keeping? Good I hope.One of my friends, someone who has support me a lot throughout my video editing experience, told me I am not promoting my blog enough...:)So, now I have decided to promote it and I am still thinking of ways to do that. I will post my blog, and videos on other forum I visit(when I can), but maybe some blog candy can be a good idea? huh? I might do that when I my visitors counter hits the 10,000 number.What do you say? yesno?

My friend is none other than LazyKay.....(crowds cheering!)hehe, yeah , why not! And a special thank you to my all time friend Cazzy, who should be angry with me for not emailing her for such a long time...but for some reasons she is not angry(good good).And for these two special ladies in my life, I have a tiny winy surprise for you.Aha!!So if you email me your addresses I can rushover your surprise.I will PM both of you on CM&P so you can give me your addyz here okie dokie?

Now, I have made a video on Mounting your rubber stamps from SU. If you fancy a looksee, click on the pic below, it will take you to my SU blog and you will find the link there.....Sorry guys to make you click here and there and there....I am promoting my blog as much as I can.And yeah, do not forget to rate and comment on my video on youtube...Please?:)

Here is the link:-

Click on the pic:-

Thanks for popping by....Hope to see you again soon:)


  1. It is nice to hear from you again Tassy, have emailed you.

    You sound well and happy, that is good.

  2. I forgot to say my sound is broken on the PC, but I will watch the video. I must try and get it fixed or a new PC is on the list!

  3. Hey Cazzy! Thanks for popping by.Will check my email shortly.You make me laugh, you said I sound well and happy, then you said your PC doesnt have sound - how did you hear me then?LOL, unless you mean my email? WEll, I have sorted most of my health issues and yeah, Im coping better these days. And also, life is too short...Want to make the most out of it..:))


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