Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mixed Media Painting

Hey peeps! I've done another video but this time, its not a cardmaking one! It is a painting one - I hope that you will still want to watch it.

This time, Ive had a hard time to edit and upload it.After each upload, something went wrong with it.And at one stage I thought maybe I will leave this and come back to it next week or something. Then , a miracle happened, it was uploaded within half an hour and then it didn't take long to be uploaded in youtube, maybe another hour or so(which is pretty good).

But I stopped moaning about it when Gary Reef(capricornArtist 73), the one artist who really inspired me to do this painting, commented on my painting himself.Check his work out on You Tube, he is so so talented. Im in love with all his paintings, and what I like about his work, is the Freedom of speech, in the Art world. Art from the Heart he says and yeah, this is what I like.If you look at one of his work, you will not leave without looking at another one - SO, make sure all your work is done, kicked your shoes off, feet up, have a cuppa and sit down and be ready to go on a fascinating journey!! When I saw his comment, I was like:Oh My God! You should have seen my face...Then I thought, it was worth all the pain!!lol.

Anyway, here we go. Enjoy.I have included some bloomers you can have an idea of who I am really!!(even though I did pick some other bloomers but with all my editing and what not, these ones stayed and the other ones got deleted - but never mind! and yeah you can laugh at me as I can laugh at myself).

Thanks for popping by,



  1. You're on a roll now!

    I've given you an award on my blog.


  2. Hey lazykay!Finally I can get to see your blog.I never could click on your name before.Thanks for the award and I am popping over to see it now.:))
    Yup Im on a roll and I found my old time sweetheart:painting!

  3. Ah, got time to watch it through today. WOW you did good - of course it DOES help that you can actually paint a shape that looks like what it should be.

    I can't believe these are new techniques to you and I LOVE the vibrancy of the colours.

    I have some of that masking glue stuff but never used it - now I'm inspired to try it out.

    I love the piece you created.

    TFS. Oh, and thanks for the link to Capricornartist too - brill stuff.


  4. Hi thanks for your video after i saw it i tried to make something also and i did now is in my blog.
    Return to neverland.
    Thanks again for inspired me.
    xxx Edna xxx

  5. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for your comment.Im off to see your work now:)


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