Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know that I am just very busy at the moment.Ive got a lot on my plate and trying to sort a few things out.

I am still around and will be updating blog pretty soon. Please do pop by or subscribe if you prefer to know when I have got new stuffs up.

I am also hoping to do a workshop , a make and take, in London using Stampin up products.It will be a great opportunity for you to try out SU products, learn new techniques and make a card, have fun with other crafters alike and take your creation home!It will be during the month of October, most probably a Saturday or Sunday. A date hasn't been fixed yet.But if you are interested , please leave me a comment or email me on

Hope to hear from you soon,

Take care,


  1. EVERYONE's busy busy busy atm Tassy - even lazy old me!

    Catch you soon.


  2. Your workshop is sure to be a success Tassy - look forward to hearing how it goes when the time comes.


  3. Hi Tassy my friend, there is something for you on my blog. In recognition of all your videos and nice creations.

    Cazzy xx

  4. Hi there! Just replying to your comment on my blog...

    The ATG gun I have was from Amazon, it is the same one that's £25 or so on other sites so it's a real bargain. I really love mine - SO much easier than DST.

    If you have any more questions, let me know :D

    Kevin x

  5. Hope your workshop goes well , sorry i wont be able to see you that would of been fun x

  6. I wanted to say Happy Eid, which is probably a bit late.

    I even gave an Eid card to the waiter in the restaurant as I know he was fasting.


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