Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi everyone!
It's been a while! I have been very very busy- no, extremely busy.And I am so glad and relieved to say that one of my major issues has been solved.

I would also like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my youtube videos and take a time to leave a comment.I do really appreicate it. When you tell me about the sound is not good, the video quality is not that good..I do take on board and will see how I can improve.I do not mind constructive criticism, so keep them coming.

I am really excited as I am meeting up with Lucia who I haven't seen for such a long time....I cannot tell you now where I am going because it is a surprise!:)LOL...but when I come back , I might put some pictures up.

I have uploaded a video and would like to share with you all.It is also on my SU blog and the link to that blog is on the top right hand corner of this page....But I will put the video here too.

Hope you like it, it's a quick and easy to make card...I wanted to do something that you can make in ten minutes, and you can make this one in less than ten minutes:)

Bye for now and take care,


Keep the comments coming in and oh, last but not least, thanks to everyone who have subscribed to my blog:)Bless!



  1. Nice video Tassy, though I Think it would take me more than 10 minutes! I hope you have a nice time visiting your friend.

    Cazzy xx

  2. Another lovely project Tassy! Thank you.

    I like the nice clean design, could be adapted to lots of occasions - very useful.



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