Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you CAzzy, LAzyKAy,Kevin and JAy

First of all, Thanks a lot Cazzy for your Eid Wish!!!Thanks, it means a lot to me.Yes I had a fantastic Eid.I had a fantastic 'Ramadan' as well...:)LAzykay, I haven't done the workshop yet and I am hoping it will be on the first of November and Jay I do wish you could come too .KEvin, it was so sweet of you to reply to me. I just didn't have the time to update my blog or do anything at all to showcase.I've been really busy and I am very sorry.

And I have cazzy's and lazykay's parcels sitting on my shelf since , I dont even know when!!I better do something about them coz im sure they are even collecting dusts now.

Hopefully I am back on track for a while now.

I was very sad to step down from Papercraft Junkies as a Design Team member:(Oh yes, I am not part of the DT anymore....IT was because of everything that was going on in my life that I had to step down....IT is a shame because , I wished I didn't!I miss the buzz of having to create projects, meeting deadlines.

Well, I hope you are all keeping well.I am not too bad- and even though things are a bit calmer my sides, there are still a lot to come in the next few months..As far as crafting is concerned, watch this space as I will be uploading some projets hopefully soon...I hope to make some more videos too.Its just that, I am trying to sort a few things out in my personal life and career as well.

WEll, bye for now and keep in touch.Thanks for all those who have susbcribed lately:)))Thanks a lot:)IT means so much to me.

Bye and take care,
Lotsa love and kisses from me,


  1. I'm glad it went well, and I am intrigued as to what is in that parcel!

    Take care

    Cazzy xxxx

  2. SO nice to see you back on your blog - look forward to seeing your next projects.


  3. Hey there! Well, I have been able to upload a video! And guess what? Because I didn't do this for such a long time, I just couldnt remember how to convert my video into a movie file..and when I did do it, I couldn't remember where to find it on my PC.And for some reason, the quality is not very good- I guess I need a camcorder!Arrgh!But my birthday is in a few months!(*Hint Hint*)
    Well, hopefully I will get to the post office today before I go with my friend.



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