Saturday, November 08, 2008


Time flies! I had a fantastic time with Lucia the other day and we went to The Royal Academy of Arts. Here are some pics as promised.It was just Amazing.

The weather is very gloomy today and I intend to indulge in.... (no, not cardmaking), housechores!There is one thing Ive been putting off doing and by now, it is out of control, it is my scarves section in my wardrobe, since I wear a headscarf, I have hundreds of them....I just do not know what I have anymore.I don't even know why I still have some of them anyway! I MUST sort them out because this week, I had only been able to wear only black ones since my colouful ones are all very creased up as I just shoved them in my wardrobe making sure they do not fall everytime I open the door!!!!Yup, pretty messy huh!
Then I have got laundry to do,since the weather is so very gloomy, ive got to go to the dryer.Then I have got cooking, then Ive got at least one hour Gym .....

I do intend to do some projects for my cardmaking club at work next week...pfff!Will I get there today? we will see....

Bye for now and have a lovely week end everyone.

PS:If anyone can tell me which camera they use to film their projects please let me know!!THanks

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  1. Busy girl, you'll feel better now the housework is done - I always do but I must admit it has to be in a state before I tackle it.

    TFS for sharing the pictures, it must have been inspiring.



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