Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Header:)

Heyyyy there!

I managed to create my header, phew!!That was hard work just because I am still learning how to use PSP and also, using html is so so so hard- I mean ,I do not use this everyday and I am only learning to twist things by reading from other people's blog how they did theirs.However, if you do one mistake, that's it, everything is gone.Anyway,I think I know now how everything works and it's not that if you need a help, let me know I can try and help.I love my heading, at least it shows my cards, it shows what I like, and how about the polka dot bow, so cuuuuuute!Paint shop pro is a great program.

Anyway, here is a video I made and I hope you enjoy it and please rate and comment on my youtube account if you can, It will make me very happy:)Thanks!

Here is another one I made couple of days ago...enjoy!:)

I would like to apologise for the above video, I was talking and saying 'ERM' a million times- please don't let it get on your nerves.I promise I will try harder next time!

I would also be very pleased if you say hello when you come and visit..this blog exists because I enjoy updating it but mostly it exists because of you guys out there!so, help me to keep going.Thanks and take care.



  1. Hi Tassy, I love the new heading. I can't see the videos because I am at work (shhh), maybe later!

    Cazzy xx

  2. More lovely work Tassy!



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