Sunday, December 07, 2008

Quick note

Hi peeps,
just to let you all know im not very well.Ive come down with a nasty virus passed onto me by my generous husband!(I looked after him and caught it).
It is an amalgamation of migraine,fever,cough and vomitting anything I am eating.I came home from work on Friday and I only managed to pop by here to say I will reply to emails and queries later...I have some queries on SCS..please bear with me.I do not know when this nasty thing will let go of me...I have projects and videos on hold because I cant bear to be on the pc , the light gets to me and trying to read itself is a task, nothing makes sense really.
Take care and see u soon, pray for me if you can.
Lots of love

1 comment:

  1. You poor things, sounds awful!

    Take care Tassy hunny.

    Cazzy xxx


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