Saturday, May 02, 2009


Hi everyone!
Hope all is good with all of you. Quick update:I have been super busy lately with work. I've been doing nothing but work work work and this long week end is going to be another busy one with birthday party to go to and friends coming over and what not! But , I will try to squeeze in my crafts somehow somewhere.Going to voice over a video in a bit...

Anyway, even though I hate the fact I cannot craft as much as I want, I love the buzz of being busy.I get very tired though - no gym or whatsoever, no time! But at least, my mind is busy and I don't have to think of the whys of so many things.

My heart goes out to my friend Laura who lives in Mexico. Laura you must be going through a difficult time as even though the swine flu hasn't reached your area and hope it will not, I know you are stressed about it. I watch the news everyday and the update does not sound too good. Some people has got it in the UK and there has even been a school closure so far. It is worrying but, let's have faith it will not be any more dramatic than what it is now. My heart goes out to those who died from this. Like it was said on the news, many people died from seasonal flu in the UK. When I first came to the UK in february couple of years ago, I had such a nasty flu and I knew then, that, the flu u might catch over here is not the flu I would get back home.Here it is really really bad.

And I have been sick mostly around winter time and I have never felt like this before, from flu.So I guess, yeah, I am worried about the swine flu as no matter where I am, if there is a break out of flu, I get it. So , could this reach me? But my husband said I should not worry about the the way, its time for BBC news...Catch you guys laterrrrrrrrrrz.



  1. Oh WOW! Your blog looks really cool! I also want to add a new column to the left. How did you do yours please? Any info would be great!

  2. I like the swirly thing at the top of the blog.

    Stay well.



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