Sunday, May 24, 2009

Panic in Blogland...

Hi everyone!
I have not been able to load my pages since a few days. It was frustrating and also, I was so scared that I have lost all my projects.

One of my friends asked me to download firefox and try opening my blog with it, so did I , and it is working. Basically, it is not being loaded on Internet Explorer so I believe anyone who has Internet Explorer should be having the same problem. And I didn't know until I received emails from friends saying they can't load my webpage of my blog.

Anyway, this is why I have not been, it is time to decide...Do I upgrade to typepad or not? This is the question...I am thinking about it and meanwhile,I am going to try and load my blog via Firefox. So , sorry if you do not hear from me anytime soon.

I will try my best...

I am so confused right now so I don't even know what to say to you guys...I never expected to have this type of problems. But don't give up on me as I haven't given up on you!!!!

I am going to also give online classes....more info as soon as I can..

Take care

Lotsa love,


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  1. Hi Cazzy, it is a good job I have Firefox in that case. There were problems with commenting using IE before. I expect it will be sorted out by blogger soon.

    Cazzy x


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