Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hi Everyone!

What's up guys? I still cannot upload my blog via Internet Explorer, so I am using it via Firefox. Traffic to my blog has slowed down drastically, which means, anyone using IE is indeed experiencing problems.

Anyway,I have already put up my typepad blog and I am trying to work my head around it. Though there are a few similarities with the settings and layout, typepad is different.Blogger seems so much easier but maybe I am used to it. So, pretty soon, I will have to say good bye to this blog I love so much and start afresh on Typepad. I will put up a link and I hope from the bottom of my heart that my followers will follow me there as well...I will keep a message at the top of my blog.

Now, coming on to Smirk Range. I am totally in love with this range. I found them to be pretty, cute, stylish, yummy. You want to eat them, they are so cute. I have made a video tutorial using them.Enjoy!

The pictures will have to wait...but the video is here.

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  1. Your stamps are fab Tassy, will watch the video now.

    Cazzy x


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