Sunday, May 25, 2008

How sweet of you

I have used Great impression stamp(the flower one- not sure what it's called), some DCWV cards,pink ribbon and 'how sweet of you' sentiment from the sweet treats set by Flourishes.

This time I wanted to try layering with the stamped image. I also wanted a clean cut ,simple and cute card.

As you can see, I have stamped the images a few times and then I cut them out in such a way, I had seperated them from the original design so I can layer them. So , I stamped on the green card, then on the white card, then four times on the pink card. Then I cut them out and layered them with 3d sticky foam pad.Then I stick down my green card onto my pink card, trim to required size and stick down to my main greeting card.

I have then used my corner rounder punch to punched the scalloped edge in a strip of green card and I tied a pink ribbon , with a bow around it, then I glued this down to the bottom of my card. I finished off with the How sweet of you sentiment.
Hope you like it,
take care

Hugs to you

This is a card I have made using the following: Great impression stamp(the flowery one-not sure what its called though), Hugs to you by Hero Arts, Carl corner punch, and watercolour pencils. I found this flower stamp to be quite unique and challenging. It looks simple but the minute I saw it I knew, I could do much more with it than just a stamped image.

So, I have decided to try rotating the image but, to my big surprise, even though the four middle corners meet to give a repeated image, however, the main flower in the picture doesn't give a mirror image. I do not understand why!If I didn't try this out, I would somehow think it would give a mirror image...but come to think of it now, the whole point of rotating it is to have a continuous rotating image and surely not mirror image!!(excuse my conception of rotation- I do not like maths). Anyway, if the image is found at the corner then it gives a mirror image.Does that make sense?Oh well, never mind!

I have stamped the images four times, coloured them in and used a water brush to slightly go over the colour. Then I cut them out and placed them on a piece of orange card and decide on the size of my orange card . I stamped the hugs to you message four times around the square along the edge of the orange card. I punched out the corners. I then placed some 3D sticky foam under the four squares and stick them down to give a raised effect. I used some double sided tape to secure the orange card onto my greeting card. I think, I do not need any more embellishemnt to go with it.

I think its high time we get some colour coordinated sticky foam pad, don't you think so??

I hope you like it!
Take care,


This is a project I made in February...I think I put off uploading them since there are so many pics to compress and crop and what not!!!I feel more tired uploading them than doing them. Actually it was a really cool project and my sister agreed to give me her pictures when she went on holiday to Paris with her husband. I saw that project on tvweekly and it was a project called 'pocket book' by Jami Patersen. She has used a card kit which I do not have. So I had to think about which papers to use, which stickers , and work out all the measurements again, to accomodate with what I have.

So, here are some patterned papers (DCWV christmas glitter stack), some images of Eiffel Tower on acetate which I bought from Craftyindividuals , Ki memories stickers and Three bugs in a rug (chit chat stickers)

This is my planning. I downloaded the step by step guide for the pocket book.You can do that on their website. Then I cut them out and pasted them in my sketch book as this is the easiest way for me to work out my measurements. I hate having to go back and forth on my PC when Im sitting down ready to work. Anything that distracts me will become a major distraction! This is who I am! So, on the next page , I have worked out that my photographs are much bigger than those she used, so my notecards will be A5( A4 folded in half). A4 size is 210mmx297mm and A5 is 148mmx210mm. Then my inserts will be 110x200mm or 11x21cm. My photos are at least 10x13cm~(4inchx5.2inch).This is the largest size I will crop my pictures.Basically, each notecard will be A5 size, then there will be an insert going inside it.

Once I have got all my measurements sorted, I now have to count my photos, then choose how many notecards, envelopes, vellum envelopes I will make. I have 55 photos!!!!
Each notecard will hold one photo or 2 on top and 1 on the insert.So I have 16 notecards, 16 envelopes and 5 vellum envelope.

Colours of notecards: Red, black and white vellum
Patterned papers: Red and black are my predominant colours
It might sound confusing but if you have a look at what Jami did then you will be able to understand the whole process much better.
Sorry for the poor quality of these pics, don't ask me why it happened!

These are all my papers cut to size...Notecards , inserts, vellum.

These are DCWV christmas patterned papers...They are so pretty and I had loads of them. So I thought why not use them since they fit the bill!These papers will be used to mat and layer my notecards and inserts.

I took all my A4 size paper and score them on my ultimate score board, using the half fold A4 line which will allow me to fold them exactly into half.

Then I used my vellum A4 sheet and score them along the first line which is normally used to crease a line for when you are making boxes.(the box base line).I scored along the right , left and bottom;so three scored lines.

Then I've creased them with my bone folder, and cut out the square piece at the corners. See below and yes I know my cutting board needs a scrub but you know wot, I like it like this....I am an old fashioned girl!

I am not sure you can see this properly, but I have cut out a semi circle in the middle of the top end side of the vellum. Then I have glued it onto a card to make it into an envelope. I have given the sizes above.

To make the notecard, after I scored down the middle half line on the card, I've applied some glue on the edge of the card to form an L shape, in reverse and then I glued down the two sides of the card together. The top part is open which turns it into a pocket where the insert will go later.

Then I've stamped some swirl images with clear embossing ink, covered it with some black glittery powder and heat embossed it.


This is the front of my first note card.

Okay, now, if you look carefully, you will see, I have glued down a piece of patterned paper on the right hand side which will cover about three quarter of the front side of the notecard. Then I cut out my photograph, and stick this down on the patterned paper, add a cute sticker and the word paris has been printed off the computer and chalked with red.

Then next is the vellum envelope. I used a sheet of dotty card as the base and stuck down my acetate image, then the photograph and inserted it in the vellum envelope.

This is a closer view...and yeah, by the way, this is my sister:)

Then I kept on decorating as I wished and just let my idea lead the way really.... I used stickers as tabs..

This is what I meant by inserts!

As you can see, you can also, put it up on display...quite nice isn't!

Oh I forgot to say, that before sticking things down, I punched some holes on the left side and used some key rings to secure them together.

I hope you like it and you will have a go! It's a nice way of creating a keepsake of your trips, or an event. If you do one, please put a link in the comment section. It will be nice to see what you have come up with.

Bye for now,

Take care


Hello there!

I'm finally back and as you can see, fully recovered, I have been busy too!:)I have one week break before I to back to work, which is such a blessing! I have been so tired recently that Friday evening, when I came home from the trip, I didn't want to talk or do anything. All I wanted to do was lie down and stare at the ceiling! I have managed to reach a personal target that Friday and since I knew I am on holiday, I wanted to stay still and hoped time will stop, everything will come to a standstill. So I could just be, and let the emptiness and silence around me be.

Regarding the new look on my blog, believe me when I say, it takes ages to work on the html and change the header picture, resize it, add some background images....I have been wanting to do this since ages, and couldn't manage to do it, I read again and again about 'how to' on the dashboard but to no avail. Then I came across this link on Stamping Mathilda's blog HERE, and I knew I could do this! Her blog is amazing, her works are just breathtaking...I couldn't help from not reading each and every single thing on her blog, a true inspiration. If you haven't visited her yet, then I reckon you do it right's worth it.

Anyway, her instructions are really clear. But if you are not familiar with html, then it seems a bit hard and if you forget a simple thing like this: {;}, everything goes wrong!!But I took the chance and I followed her instructions and I had a few hiccups because I think it depends which template you are using. So if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to help the best I can.

Now, I will upload a project I made ages ago, that was I think back in February!Then I have two more cards to show you...Will do so in a minute as I'm off to do something right now!

See you in a min!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling poorly:(

Hello there!

This is just to let you all know I will not be posting anything anytime soon...I am so sorry about that.I am not feeling too good. I have already got a few emails asking me where I am....and guess what, there is nothing that makes me happier to know that I am being missed! I know I haven't done many things lately and I do intend to catch up pretty soon. But unfortunately, right now, I need to rest....I have been through so much over the past months that I wonder what is in store for me next! 'sign'...On a lighter note, I am breaking up from school this Friday, which means I will be on holidays soon.If I have sorted meself by that time, then I am pretty sure I will be able to post some cute stuffs soon.

But by all means, do come back on the 2nd of June 2008, and check on the link I will give you so you can access the FREE PaperCraft Junkies Emag which will have more exciting projects and ideas which you can download and print. And it is FREE.You will love it.

Also, do check under my profile to see the two new blogs I have added. They are under construction but I will be working on them as and when I can.

Okay, that's enough from me for tonight.

Bye for now and take care....

Come back and visit soon.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Altered coaster -Quick and Easy project

Hi there, it's me again! I have made this project a few weeks ago and I have finally managed to show them. I found this project on Chicn Scratch video on youtube. She calls it post-it note holder and she has been my source of inspiration. Visit her videos for more ideas as she is really creative and her videos are just fantastic.

Okay, first of all , you will need some designer papers of your choice, modpodge(as I found them to be the best for this project) but you can use PVA or double sided tape if you prefer, corner rounder punch and paper clip.

Put your coaster on your designer paper and trace around it twice. Decide if you want to use the same pattern on both sides or not. Next, smear generously some mod podge with a paintbrush.

Then stick down your patterned paper smoothing them out and wiping off any glue oozing out at the sides with a tissue.
Then sand the edges with a sanding block, but when you do so, make sure you sand in one direction, in a downward movement. Do not rock back and forth as this will have a tendency to remove the paper or even tear it. Sanding down will give it the desired smooth finish and will almost blend the paper layer with the coaster together.

Then, stick down patterned paper on your paper clip.

Take a post it note and seperate them , maybe in three's. Then take one of them and stick it onto the coaster and hold with paper clip.

This makes a cute little personalised gift....I like pretty things so if I have this on my desk at work, then I will be writing many many notes...I need to remember stuffs , you know!

I hope you like it.....If you do this project , do not hesitate to put a link in the comment section so we all can have a look. I would love to!
Bye for now,
Take care