Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Header:)

Heyyyy there!

I managed to create my header, phew!!That was hard work just because I am still learning how to use PSP and also, using html is so so so hard- I mean ,I do not use this everyday and I am only learning to twist things by reading from other people's blog how they did theirs.However, if you do one mistake, that's it, everything is gone.Anyway,I think I know now how everything works and it's not that if you need a help, let me know I can try and help.I love my heading, at least it shows my cards, it shows what I like, and how about the polka dot bow, so cuuuuuute!Paint shop pro is a great program.

Anyway, here is a video I made and I hope you enjoy it and please rate and comment on my youtube account if you can, It will make me very happy:)Thanks!

Here is another one I made couple of days ago...enjoy!:)

I would like to apologise for the above video, I was talking and saying 'ERM' a million times- please don't let it get on your nerves.I promise I will try harder next time!

I would also be very pleased if you say hello when you come and visit..this blog exists because I enjoy updating it but mostly it exists because of you guys out there!so, help me to keep going.Thanks and take care.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trying a sampler post...

Hi there everyone!
I am learning how to group thumbnails pictures of my creations - This is a learning curve for me, so bear with me as I have to try them out here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Message to Yvonne

Hi there!
I just replied to your comment on my wedding card.Just to let you know that you can also email me for further details at my reply helps!Check under comment section for wedding card.

The set of See- Ds is the 262 stamp collection and this is the link to all the images
are here:
Can you see the couple under the celebration pictures(50163)?
Take care,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quick and Easy Xmas card

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all keeping very well....Thank you for visiting my blog and a big Thank You for those who have subscribed recebtly.You will not know how happy I am when I get notifications of new subcribers to my blog...I am like:yayyyy!and it keeps me going, it keeps me motivated to do more.I know I have neglected my blog recently as I was going through a hard time, plus we moved to a new site at school while the previous one is under renovation, and also, I was trying to deal with too many things at once!!

I do hope to be able to update my blog more regularly.I have so many things I want to do, to show you....and I am trying to do them.Please don't give up on me and keep visiting, keep the comments coming.Love you all!x

Here is a video on my Stampin up blog and in case some of you miss my blog addy which is just at the top right corner , I am adding the video over here too...Enjoy, rate and comment please.Many thanks..x.x.x.x

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Time flies! I had a fantastic time with Lucia the other day and we went to The Royal Academy of Arts. Here are some pics as promised.It was just Amazing.

The weather is very gloomy today and I intend to indulge in.... (no, not cardmaking), housechores!There is one thing Ive been putting off doing and by now, it is out of control, it is my scarves section in my wardrobe, since I wear a headscarf, I have hundreds of them....I just do not know what I have anymore.I don't even know why I still have some of them anyway! I MUST sort them out because this week, I had only been able to wear only black ones since my colouful ones are all very creased up as I just shoved them in my wardrobe making sure they do not fall everytime I open the door!!!!Yup, pretty messy huh!
Then I have got laundry to do,since the weather is so very gloomy, ive got to go to the dryer.Then I have got cooking, then Ive got at least one hour Gym .....

I do intend to do some projects for my cardmaking club at work next week...pfff!Will I get there today? we will see....

Bye for now and have a lovely week end everyone.

PS:If anyone can tell me which camera they use to film their projects please let me know!!THanks