Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chipboard and request...

This is the card I was talking about.I have used a plain flower chipboard and I inked it using black ink.I have then used my heat gun to speed up the drying time and also to make sure it dries up completely as I intend to emboss it.Once dried,I have stamped the surface using Hero Arts dotty stamps(with embossing ink) then I poured over pink embossing powder. Then I heat embossed to reveal this nice dotty chipboard.I like the tactile effect of this.

The base card is 4cm x 12cm.I then divided it into three equal parts to make a tri-fold card.The pattern paper is from doodlebug(I think)and the bracket chipboard is from papermania.The words are from Stampin Up.I hope you like it....This is my last card for now...until I come back:)

Okay, now I have a request for you guys. I came across this 'Create A Card For Cancer Care' Campaign '09. You can read more about this HERE. You will find out how Do Crafts are participating in this campaign. You can make a difference.

I used to see this campaign over the last years or so but did not really stop to read, do not ask me why because I do not even know myself. And I know, I make cards for friends and family, I sell my cards why can't I make cards and make a difference in somebody's life?The bag in which you can put your card and envelope is actually free.I got mine from while I was ordering a few bits and bobs.But you can get them at other partipating shops.I am going to put a link on my left hand side bar and please make sure to visit to read everything about this campagin. And if you can make a card to contribute to this campaign, please do so.I do not work for them, I am not in any way making any money by talking about this on my blog.I am doing so, only because I feel I should.And I am not imposing on you, just a 'request' and it will make me happy if I have managed to inspire or encourage you to do so...
Here is the free bag and also the card I am sending.But I have I hope to be getting more of those bags since I have decided I will send many more cards.I can make a difference, so will I - Can you?

Bye for now, I hope to be back soon and until then, keep well and do email me if you have any questions or request or just for a chat:)

Lotsa love,

God bless,



Click on the picture below for more information.Thanks:)

Customise the sayings on your card...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hey there, I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and keeping in good health.Okay, so, all I wanted to say was I might be away for a little while...

I already have a project which I would like to share with you.Hopefully I can do so tomorrow at some point during the day or evening.It is a tri-fold card and this will basically be the last card for now. I am sorry that I will not be updating my blog as often as I have been doing lately. Special message to all my subscribers and my regular friends , I hope you will not give up on me, as I haven't given up on you guys...Which means, I will be back, hopefully soon with more videos and projects.

I have been to do my blood test finally and apparently I might be allergic to 'gluten'.This is totally new to me so I will have to sit down and go through this and understand everything about it...but I am not sure yet since I have to wait a little bit more before the final verdict.I do not want to feel negative since I have been through a lot healthwise over the past few years...I want to be positive about it.So, if I have to go gluten free, so what? I can do that! I might shift more weight while doing so, who knows!lol.

And, lastly but not least, I am sorting a few things at the moment and even though, Art and Craft is my outlet, my ME time, where I unwind and which keeps me sane...I cannot do any cards right now, or any Art.If you are a cardmaker, you do know, it is time consuming, and the video tutorial takes even more time...So I am taking a little break just so I can sort some other 'stuffs' out, then I will be back.If you have subscribed, you will know when I have updated my blog.If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so..(It is not an option!)----Joking!And keep subscribing to my channel on youtube, which you will find right at the bottom of this page.The more subscribers, the better.And if you do not want to subscribe, then add this page to your favourite and do not forget to come back and visit me...tea and biscuits are available , 24/7, on request :))So,do visit me when you have a chance.

Alright then,

Bye for now and take care....

Will put the card tomorrow and laterrrrz!:)

Lotsa luv,


Friday, February 20, 2009

Love to you

Hi there,

I have made a card which I have decided to call a Poem-Inspired Card. I have always loved poetry and loved the fact that each person can interpret a poem in a different way. I came across the sentences below and it inspired me to make this card.It would be great if you can play along and see how this extract from this poem can inspire you...If you do, please put a link in the comment section so I can see what you did.Thanks for visiting me today and stay and play...

"If things on earth may be to heaven resembled,
It must be love, pure, constant, undissembled."

Aphra Behn (1640–1689) from "And Forgive Us Our Trespasses"

I have used Hero stamp for the sentiment 'Love to you', Cardbase and patterned paper by SU. And the rose stamp is from Kitchen sink stamps.I hope you like it and if you have any questions, please just go ahead and ask.

Take care, and have a lovely week end!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

At last...!

Dear Kay and Carol!

Guess wot? I bet you never I have put your parcels in the post! yoohooo!Finally, but, seriously girls, you have been so patient with me that I feel embarassed to even celebrate the fact that I finally managed to do it!So keep an eye on your post man, he should bring you the suprise shortly.

I went on my Girls night out yesterday and watched 'He is so NOT into you'...OMG, I lorrrrve this movie, absolutely hilarious, absolutely my kinda film.You girls should watch it...:)

And look what I found in my inbox today!And yeah this is something I have realised too, so thank you Mariam for sharing this with me, lol...

Bye and look out for some more projects today...oops,I was meant to keep silent!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So sorry...:(

Hey there,

Today I am going to share a card I have made and it is specially for my sister Saju, who was a bit upset with me yesterday.We were exchanging emails and I said something which made her upset.I think she said it hurt her...and I had no intention to do so.I love her more than I can explain and she said it herself that I am the 'Misunderstood Artist' as people seem to misunderstand me a lot....But however, I guess, she has been a victim this time!

I feel so sorry for myself as sometimes I say things and people take it in another way.But those who know me very well, know that, the last thing on my mind is to hurt the people I love.And Saj, I know that you already know I had no intention of hurting you by talking about DQ...and I am so sorry.I told you I was going to make a card and I made this for you...until I meet you and give it to you.It is a matter of days now before we meet and I cannot wait anymore...Love you lots and hope this makes you smile.You said that , when I will become a celebrity one day , then you will be in my newsletter...but I ain't no celebrity...(yet!lol) and I am telling you how much you mean to me on my blog and even though the whole world doesn't read it, it is coming from a yet-to-be celebrity, so you should be proud, lol!

Here is my card, I am so sorry...If you have forgiven me, you must comment on this post.I will await patiently for your respond(fingers crossed!).And yeah, you are the best cook in the world even though I haven't tasted your latest dishes yet...but I do not have to taste it to know, you are the best(is this enough to be forgiven?).

Here are all the materials I have used.I have stamped stazon(white) onto tracing paper(since I do not have vellum, but it is a good alternative, I didnt have any problem with it) , then I have embossed the petals with white embossing powder.The petals are from Technique Tuesday and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask....
Bye for now,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Josefa Laura designs..

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. I would like to share this card with you today. When I saw this card, I fell in love with the image of that sweet girl, behind the curtain.So I asked Josefa if she could please let me know which company does that stamp as I would really like to buy one. To my great amazement, she replied and told me, this is her own drawing - How fantastic is that? I was priviledged to get a copy of the line drawing and I am not sure yet if I can use it, but I will email her in a minute and ask her.I would really like to make a card with this gorgeous image.

I think her drawings are really good. If I were her, I would be contacting companies to see who would like to buy these designs off so they could be made into rubber stamps.(I honestly think you should JLaura).So, if you want to see more of her creations pop over to her blog here:

You can either click on the link above or the picture below to look at her beautiful cards.

Bye for now and when you visit her blog, do not be shy, say hello:)

That's all from me for now...maybe I will back later..


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time flies...

...and it scares me!

Hey everyone! I hope that all of you who celebrate Valentine day, had a good one.I do not celebrate this day as I say, everyday should be a special day, everyday your loved ones should feel you love them.But I do like to see the themed valentine splashed everywhere - sweet shops, clothes shops, food shops - I mean, even in the Maths lesson at school, the students had to do a weaved heat shaped basket, and there was some mathematical calculations involved.(I spent almost half an hour trying to work that out...Shh, do not tell anyone that I do not like maths!)

I went to my friend for tea and while talking, we were saying how time goes by so quickly and where were we last year , exactly a year ago!I was like Oh my God! They all looked at me and thought something was wrong.I told them I have just remembered that last year, on the 14th of Feb, I was in the hospital for an operation.And I was so grateful that today, I was with my friends, having a good time, and feeling happy and healthy.I am grateful for that, I really am.

Anyway, just a little note to say I will be back soon with more projects. Stay tuned!

Do not give up on me, as I haven't given up on ya:)
Take care
Lotsa love

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Light Catcher...?

Hi fwendz!

Hope everyone is okay..I have a few things to share with you today.A project, an award(again!:) and some chit chats.
Okay, I know I did promise a video I was doing for my fashion Illustration club, but I didn't get the chance to upload it yet.It has been a hectic week, a lot to deal with at work and I had food indigestion yesterday.My sister gave me fish finger sandwich on Tuesday(which she cooked on Monday night) but I was not hungry, I left it in the fridge at work and ate it the next day(yesterday).By home time, I felt really sick.My belly was bloated and was aching, realling aching.I came home and had a temperature and was sick.It lasted the whole night and today, I was not hungry at all.
When I came home from work, I felt better. I ate something, and even though ,I felt funny in my belly,nothing happened.Let's hope Im going to be okay now.I thought, I will put up a project I did in December and the pictures were just waiting to be uploaded...So here we go.This is a project I have made using toilet roll cover - However, could I just say, I did NOT invent this.It is a shame that I cannot remember where I saw this and do not even remember how it is called.All I know was I thought it was a cute idea.If I find the link I will put it up.I hate it when this happens as I believe in giving credit to the person who deserves it.I have twisted this project a little bit and I do hope you will find it fun to make.

Okay , take a toilet roll inside cover and cut them into circles(about 1.5 - 2cm) wide. Then pinch at two ends to make them look like those in the picture below.There are 6 here but you will need only 5 for one finished project.

Then, I have used Anita sticky glue to apply to one side of the opened rim, then glue this rim down onto vellum paper.I am using patterned vellum here(cannot remember from which company I got this from)- I am sorry for not being able to provide more info this time!

Once the glue is dry, and the rim is stuck to the vellum, cut each one out carefully, and repeat with the other side.

Then, cut them out carefully, as closely to the rim as possible and you will end up with this.See picture below.
Okay, this pic is not very good(I wonder what happened here)...I have used Adirondack Paint Dabber to colour the sides.

Add a little bit of glue near the pointed end (on one side) of the shape and glue to another pointed end, repeat until you have a shape of a flower.And I had a matching ribbon which I threaded through and this is ready to be hung up on your window(at one point I even thought they could be funky chrismas tree decorations)...but because the vellum is transparent, this looks absolutely lovely against the window...This is why I called it 'Light catcher'.
I took the following pictures today.....
Sorry about my presentation this time! It was too late to put it against my window, and I didn't know where to hang this to take a picture..And I just didn't resize my pictures as I normally do so that all are of the same sizes! ... and didn't add watermark!!
I was trying to show you the transparency of the vellum but trust me, it looks beautiful against natural sunlight.

Okay, so I do hope you will try this fun project and if you do, please put up a link in my comment section as I would love to see what you have done.

Again, my apology for my presentation of my pics this time.

Today, I received an email which made me smile...It is a blessing to receive an email which has the power to make me smile, and to make my heart beat with joy:-Thanks to Jennie(curlywhiskers&twitchingnoses).She emailed to say that she has given me an award and how much she loves my blog.It is always a pleasure to know that there are people out there who love my blog and what I do.

So thank you Jennie !I remember when I saw your comment once, your nickname made me laugh coz I was actually twitching my nose(got no whiskers!)lol. I went on your blog and I really liked the card you made but , above all, while reading what you wrote, I was laughing out loud.You cracked me up you know! I thought , you are so funny and sometimes, a good laugh is all I need after a long day.

Bye for now and take care,

I hope to put up more projects soon.....

Lotsa love,



Monday, February 09, 2009

I have been tagged!

Hi everyone,

I would like to give a message to Josefa.Thanks for putting a link of my blog to yours...You are asking me if I have a problem with this?!lol, you must be joking! I feel honoured that people find my blog worthy of being shared with others, so thank you.I do really appreciate it.

I have been tagged by Caro since a while now.I haven't been able to do the tagging because the first one is pretty scary.You have to open your photo folder, pick the sixth folder and sixth picture and tell the story behind! I dreaded doing this as I thought, what would happen if the 6th pic is one of my crazy ones?...Anyway, I didn't want to lie about this tag, so I went ahead and did it and thought, whatever happens, happens! So this is the pic I found and...hahahaha...there is no amazing story behind.I was sorting my wardrobe and decided to take pics to remind me of how I should always keep it....

Well, the obvious story is I have an obsession with roll on! Hey, I do not even know when it happened...but I have this constant needs to buy them and I keep them in my handbag, my drawer, my locker at work...Im very sad, I know!Its not like I stink or anything...Oh well!this is my story.Also, I keep antiseptic gel with me as well...sorry guys, this is a sort of OCD!hahaha.I think there are lots of germs in public places.This is only one section of my wardrobe!Imagine you see the other shelves, you will know too much about me hey! So there you go! now who can I tag?...hmmm..Lets see...Okie dokie, I will tag:-Cazzy , lazykay, Barbara and Saju.

Then, I received this blog award from Caro again..Thanks Caro!

And to receive it, I need to tell you 5 random facts about myself....brace yourself up as I am not an easy girl!

1. I cannot live without a cup of tea.It is the first thing I will have in the morning.However, I will refuse politely if you offer me tea because, I am really really fussy about my tea.I am sorry guys but, I cannot explain how I like it. I hate weak tea, I like it strong but not too strong, hate too much milk, but do not like it too dark.I MUST have sugar with my tea.I might go withouth any chocolate or sweet treats for days, but never without sugar in my tea. My husband is the ONLY one who manages to make me a perfect cup of tea , a lot of times, but unfortunately , not always.Many times, I have had to say, sorry, I cannot have this.But, besides this, I am quite an easy person:))

2.I absolutely cannot take the heat.I would rather feel cold than hot.

3.I love with a passion, I have with a passion.All these are good feelings as when I go in the 'indifferent' mode, that's it!It is the end!

4.I have an admiration for mermaids and do believe they did exist at some point(so did the vampires)

5.I love scented candles(adore them).*hint, hint :-if you are coming to visit me from canada, yes you, you know who you are! Please bring me scented candles, lavender ones:)

Well, this is it...!You know me a little bit better now.

Now the Big news!!All , I mean , ALL my readers have won this 'Encouraged' award!You will have to put 5 random facts about you, and add the award.Do not forget to put a link to your blog in your comment section so we all can come and visit you.Happy tagging!

Bye for now,

Lotsa love,


Sunday, February 08, 2009


Just a note to say I am having one of those bad days...It has been a bit tough this week,no energy whatsoever.Everything has been (and still is) a drag.Tis about time I go for another blood test and I have been postponing this as well!

Anyway,I will not bore you to death and I am sorry(I really am) that I am not posting anything this week.I had something I was working on so I might have something mid week.I am doing a Cardmaking club and Fashion Illustration club after school.The fashion club is to mostly teach the girls about line drawing, sketching, painting, colours...And the fashion itself, it is up to them to create.Nowadays there are so many new things that I cannot keep up with.For example , Emo kid.And my student told me about a material called 'pleather'...I am learning as much as they are.It is a fun club and I had to prepare some samples for them.I then realised that if you do not draw for a long time, that's it, you take longer to draw when you actually do - you will not forget as , I think, for me , drawing is like riding bicycle, you can never forget it, but surely you need practice to ride it perfectly!(I am talking about the principles about drawing)

So, it has been fun to prepare the samples and I did film part of it to show you. Let me share this with you.During my carmaking club, I used to put Beethoven for the girls...until one of them said: Miss I never thought you are Beethoven old! I was like: wot? She said: I never thought you would listen to Beethoven, the other girls echoed: yeah miss! we cannot believe you make us listen to this, so boring! I was like: Girls, this is supposed to be soothing, therapeutical....They all disagreed and said, too boring miss, and we just can't believe you listen to this.I was like: sorry Girls, I really wanted all of you to have the benefit of calming, and soothing effect!LOL, obviously , it didnt work, because they were more annoyed than anything.

So, I let them choose their musics , each one has a go...And some musics are not musics to me..they are more like noise.And there were a few I really liked.I told them I do not know half of the musics they were playing and one asked me, if when I go home, I will give my mommy a massage if her head was aching...I said, yes I would but I don't live with mommy anymore.So her friend said: Miss is big you know!(these girls are 11 years old)...Another one said, she isn't that big....And they kept talking about ME as though I wasn't there! Bless them!:)And eventually I told them, I am not that young, but not that big anyway.It was intersting to see how they look at you and assume you still have your mommy doing things for you, just like their mommy doing for them and stuff.So cute!I gave them a cardmaking challenge and they all did very well.They want the head teacher to be the judge and I will sort a little prize for the winner...

Anyway, that's all from me for now...

Hopefully you will hear from me soon,
Take care


Say hello!Do not give up on me as I havent given up on ya!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Pics, as promised!

Hi there!
So how was your 'snow' day? I was happy to have a 'forced' holiday and these are some pics which I took on that Monday.I love snow!I mean I think it is beautiful.I do not really like to stand outside and play in the snow...I do not even think I will make a snowman or anything like that...or probably I would, if all my sisters were here with me in the UK!!
Anyway, my first pic is a footprint and its not mine! It is my sister's! And who said that 'we're making a fuss about the snow?'!lol...Look, this is about ..what? 4 , 3 inches?I like this pic:)

Look at this pic!!This bird.. refused to look at me.I called and called and called but he blanked me!I wonder what he is thinking about and why is he on his own!He's got attitude!I lorve this pic too!
And this is me!!Trust me when I say, I had to be careful...I am always falling so on this day, I had to be extra careful.
Anyway, so that's about it! And I know that some people are just angry about the whole snow thing.My personal opinion is, Britain was not ready for it because, this is happening after 18 years. Some were saying that UK should have made provision and get prepared for this .I think, that, will the government be ready to spend so much money(millions? billions?) to invest so that next time it happens, public transport can still run? Well, food for thoughts. However, there were about 20% who couldnt get into work and UK has lost (billions) just for that one day , as far as the economy is concerned.All in all, give the government a break!This is an unexpected happening! Someone very positive said that at least some family got to spend the day together! so lets look at the positive sides for the moment and enjoy the pics. If you have any pics , let me know if its on your blog, would like to see them!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

valentine card video tutorial

Hello Josefa,
Here is a direct link to the video tutorial...


Monday, February 02, 2009

Valentine Card-Youtube video tutorial

Hi everyone!

I have finally uploaded this new video and I hope you will enjoy it. It is a cute card for valentine day or for that special someone in your life - Never too much to say I love you!Go on, make this card, you know you want to.

Click on the Small pic below to watch how I have made it on youtube.And please rate and comment and subscribe.I need your support guys!
Click this picture below:-

If this doesn't work , click the link here :

Here are the links to the Website for the stamps I have used in this video.For the I love you sentiment, I have used the 2 steps Hearts and roses from Kitchen Sink stamps.The swirl stamp is from the Elegant Flourishes set, Autumn Leaves.And the Heart stamps are from Happy Heart stamp set by Stampin Up. And if you are in the UK and would like more information on Stampin up and how to place an order, do not hesitate to contact me.My email addy is on the right hand sidebar, or leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Hope you like this card and bye for now...

See you soon,