Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kitchen Sink Stamps

This is a project I have made a few weeks ago but I didn't get the chance to upload them simply because I was dealing with too many things at once and really didn't have the energy to do so......And now I thought I would catch up on things that have been lying on my shelf for too long, far too long!

I have used the 3 Steps -Hearts and Roses from Kitchen Sink Stamps. I found these stamps very different and this is what really attracted me to them. And they were really fun to use. It gives you the push to think outside the box and play with colours and tones. It is called 3 steps for the very reason that you will achieve the final stamped imagine in three steps. Gosh, I should have taken a photograph of what I mean. Well, I had lots of fun using them and I think they are so versatile that you can do so many projects with them. The acrylic stamps are really strong and they give nice clear print. I love them!

I made this project specially for Suzanne (LiquidIllusion) who has been a great support for me in my time of 'don't-talk-to-me-I-dunno-what-I'm-doing!'. She has constantly been in touch, letting me know she is thinking of me, asking me when I am posting new things as she finds my work inspiring.....These words meant a lot for me. So I wanted to thank her and show her how much I appreciate her friendship. The only reason I couldn't send this over to her was because (well its a long story but hopefully I will manage to send them soon). So for now, I will share with you what I have made with Kitchen sink stamps and also, what Suzanne will be receiving from me!:) Thank you Suzanne and hugs to you!

I was also experimenting with taking shots during the day and since the sun was shining I thought I would include them in my pics....Im just playing around to find different ways of presenting a project....sorry about that!

This is a complete gift set with the box, gift tag, small bag and card.

I have made this small bag with an envelope. I have made the envelope using craft brown paper using an enveloper score board...then I made this bag-a-lope following instructions on youtube from a stampin'up demo...Im sorry I cannot remember the link now but if you are interested , let me know or I will put a link later....If I remember:)
And of course I have stamped the roses on a piece of pink card and attached them to the front of the bag, front and back actually.

Looks like the season of pink and brown to me as this is what I seem to be doing right now, pink and brown!!!!I have stamped the roses and leaves onto pink card, mounted onto brown card then onto pink again.The card itself is pink here. Finished off with pink ribbons and hugs to you sentiments from Hero Arts.

I have made this box using the Eazi Score board where you can make a hexagonal box within minutes.

Look, even I do not like fussy bits and pieces with glue, I have managed to do the edges and corners quite neatly. So trust me when I say , this is not hard at all!
If I am doing something, my obsession of having it perfect overtake my mind. And sometimes, instead of having fun, I am too stress about having a perfect finish project. But I can say that with this one, I didn't have to try too hard. The score board allows you to be more relaxed, you only have to do the cutting and sticking the edges together. Lotsa fun!
I hope you like it! and most of all, Suzanne, hope you like it!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flourishes LLC

Here is another card I made using the heart stamp from the Heart set from FlourishesLLC. I have again used pink and brown card.I have stamped the heart onto pink card using versafine black ink.I was well impressed with this versafine ink as the lace heart stamp has very fine, delicate swirl designs and I think the versafine works best for this stamp.I have then cut out part of the images on the right hand side of the stamped image with my cutting knife. then I have mounted a brown card under the cut out part of the heart. I mounted the finished heart onto a piece of pink square as seen below.I thought if I tilted the heart in this way, it will create some interest....but I am not that sure anymore:)Anyway, its done now, so I gotta do wot I gotta do, right!That is to post it:)I have also stamped the heart on a pink card using pink ink and I have glued it to the right hand side of the card.I finished off with some *bling*..(sticky studs)..It seems like I cannot get enough of these blings...I hope you like it!!
For those who lives in the UK, I must say, I received my order from Flourishes LLC in a weeks' time, there is no extra fees to pay when I got them. Deal or wot?:))

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just a reminder that Papercraft Junkies has now a Free Emag accessible to anyone, everyone!!!Its packed full of ideas, projects and many more....Don't believe me? Okay, here is the link, it is a must for you to check this out, and I mean , right now!Don't delay as once you see this you would ask yourself why you didn't see it before as it's completely free...:)

Free Emag


First project- Flourishes LLC

I have used the Damask set to do the watermark background on the chocolate brown card.I decided to use pink and brown for a change and I think I quite like this coulour combination. The scalloped edge was made using a corner punch and that worked quite well as I wasn't sure I could do it. I like the saying that comes with the Lace Heart set about love , so I have used it as the main message. I finished off with some bling- I mean sticky studs and some ribbons....

I have stamped on the ribbon using the Damask stamp and a cream colour ink.I had to wait for it to dry before using it as my fingers were all messy when I was fiddling with the ribbon not realising it wasnt dried yet. Use a quick drying ink at all cost.Here is another pic of the ribbon..

Flourishes llc

This is how Flourishesllc sent this order over to me....I think it was really cute:)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Papercraft Junkies Emag

Hi everyone! I would like to share what I have been wanting to since a while now. Remember I told you about Papercraft Junkies secret? Its ready to be downloaded now!
Its a FREE Emag , bursting with ideas and resources.
Here is it:
Hope you enjoy it!

Visit Papercraft Junkies for more ideas, Gallery, tutorials and lots more.

Take care

Monday, April 07, 2008

Where has it gone?

I've lost my creativity....:(

I would like to apologise for not blogging these days.Again thanks a lot for everyone who emailed to see if I am okay and when I will be posting new stuffs. Well, I am okay , thank you.There has been a lot going in my life, yet again! Last Friday was the last in my now, previous job. It was a very strange day , lots of emotions , mixed feelings and I existed, but I felt like I was rather part of the furniture than living the day.Anyway, its complicated so let's move on.

I have two weeks Easter break from work. And someone from Canada asked me how weird is that, that we have our Easter break when Easter is well done and over with.This is funny as even at work people were saying, this is not Easter break, its half term. Whatever it is, I do not mind the break!I need this a lot right now.

I have done a few projects over the last week or so but didn't manage to upload them...Why? I do not know. I have the time, I have my memory card(no it's not lost) know when you have a lot of things on your mind and you cannot think properly? Well that's me right now.But this blogging thing, doing art and craft, is indeed an outlet for me when I am happy, but also an escape when I feel like I need a break from the reality of this world. But I am sure you will understand when I say 'creative blockage'. No matter how hard I try to create, I can't. Its frustrating because I have everything I need but I cannot put them together. But I believe I need to get started even if I have to throw a few projects away, at least I am starting on something, then hopefully from there, the rest will follow.

Okay I didn't mean to bore you with my lack of creativity so, I will upload a few projects later. I might also add a link to the launch of the Free Emag I told you about.

It snowed in London yesterday and it was bright sunshine as well. Isn't this weird?

See ya later.