Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art Journal Tutorial

Hi everyone, wot's up!
First of all, thanks for all your comments I did not know I had them until I signed in today, I have published them and will get back to you all soon....

I am going to add the Art Journal tutorial which took ages to be uploaded but in the end, I did it.
Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think, always good to get any kind of feedback.

I have edited again to add a picture of inspiration. I am actually smiling as to how this art journal has raised so many questions and curiosity...:) This is ME and nopes, I am not from Saudi Arabia.I was born and raised in an island but I have travelled...and I am now in the UK.
I have also mentioned that it was a more 'stylised' approach to the painting...and of course I would make myself look cute! hahahaha!anyway, here you go and have a nice day!
Thanks for visiting me today,





  1. You did gorgeous job, love the colours you used and your drawn picture is fab! Really love your style, you have sens of colouring! Love to see more like this tutorial! Hugs, Moni

  2. Beautiful picture of you Tassy! Will check out your videos later - just a wee bit tied up with 'stuff' atm!


  3. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!
    Amazing tutorial, you are so good!
    what a bounch of stuffs, and i love the painting and your self portrait,it's amazing, i have to learn those techniques... thank you for sharing it....JLaura..

  4. You have some great videos her Tassy!!

  5. OK, had time to watch this video now and WOW it's great. What brush control! My brush has a life of its own. I love your 'not' self portrait too.

    I'd never have chosen the flower stamps to put on a page like this but you've made it work perfectly.



    Oh, I like the little 'callout' boxes with the writing in that you've put on it.



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