Friday, April 03, 2009


Hi everyone!
Wot's up?! I was very disappointed today when the weather changed again, it was a bit cold in the morning...then in the afternoon, the bright sunshine was out again:) Eventhough I do not like the heat, I always had an issue with heat, this year, I am waiting so eagerly to the full sunshine that I will be very down if we dont get any proper summer in the UK this year.
Anyway, I will be on two weeks Easter break and I already have so much things to do...I just know the time will fly by, so I gotta make full use of these times.Anyway, I found a very funny video which I want to share with you...however I will also say, my family and friends always say I have a rather 'weird' sense of humour. I do not think so ,as I actually thinnk, 'they' have a 'weird' sense of humour as they laugh at me, when I do not expect them to and they are serious when I expect them to laugh, how about that!!!
Anyway if you find this video funny, if you share my sense of humour please comment so I know I am not the 'weird' one...and if I do not get any response, then it means, I am the odd one, sniff sniff!

I was watching this video, I started to smile, and then I was laughing so much and fell in love with the duck.I wish I could adopt it, hahahaha!
Have a nice week end

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