Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Craft Club

Hey everyone, how you're doing?!
First of all, thanks for your comments on my new look for my blog. I designed my header myself and now that I know how to do that, I am planning to design another header and make it more 'ME'. And also, Im chuffed to see that some of you have realised that my video quality is much better now.I have got an Everio JVC and it is fantastic. But I must also add that my desk was found in a corner of the room and the lighting was not great..so that is why my last two or three video was dark. But I did say I was working on it and now I am happy with it.

Anyway, on to the more exciting news. I have been to a first craft club tonight and it was so nice, relaxing and interesting.I met a new friend, who does not live too far away from me, and who loves crafting as much as I do, Fehmi, Im so happy to have met you:)

The craft club is awesome...I can see myself going again and everybody is so friendly.I loved it.If you live in East London and would like to know more about this craft club, send me an email and I can give you more details and info.

That's it from me for now. I am editing another video and hopefully it will be up soon. I also want to watch a film but I like scary ones...I do not think I have got any at the moment!

Bye for now and speak to you soon,


  1. Must be great fun living near to other crafters. I'm loving your blog, so much happening...will be back to have a good read and watch of the videos!

  2. I am glad you have a new friend Tassy, and are well enough to go to the club.

  3. Hi

    Lovely to see you blogging again (did you get my lengthy e-mail after your post about your health?)

    Hope things are getting sorted now.

    I love this bright new blog look - cheery and easy to read (for my elderly eyes).

    I will catch up with your videos later - been having some 'stuff' to deal with re my Mum who had a fall recently and ended up in hospital so not had time to visit blogland as much as I'd like, although you've been in my thoughts.



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