Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi everyone!
Wot's up with you guys? Im not too bad, very very super busy right now.There are so many things going on and I find myself starting a project, leaving it unfinished to start a new one, lol! Anyway, lots of things happening in my life as well, busy as I have never been. I have exciting news coming up as well, but I really cannot say much right now but as soon as everything has been set up and running, I will let you guys know:)'too bad for those who are curious hey!'lol

I have two video tutorials just sitting in my desktop, about 4 projects ready to be uploaded, but I haven't found the time yet and this week is another busy week.So, bear with me okay? I know you will as you lorve my blog anyway!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Savannah , a beautiful young lady who makes beautiful cards and gives such useful tips in her video tutorials on youtube. She is great and I would like you to visit her channel at will find her blog address and twitter info on there as well.

The most amazing thing is she does NOT edit her video, so you will be watching her 'LIVE' you will see her working her way through a mistake, or see how she thinks on the spot, just amazing.

I am embedding a video here , watch it but please go over on youtube, watch it there , rate, comment and subscribe please:)
I think it will be great if you give her your support as she is very talented and trust me, she is still very young and I have so much faith in her and know that she will be even more famous one day!

Bye for now,
Stay tuned for my craft haul video coming up soon...
And more cards and tutorials coming up too!
Take care,


  1. You do like to keep us in suspense Tassy! :) I am glad you are well.

    Cazzy x

  2. That is a talented young lady, I can't leave a comment on Youtube unless I join so I will say so here.

  3. Great she is really talented! Hugs, Moni


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