Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chalking and Resist technique

A quick post to show you the video I have promised.I had such a hard time, editing and uploading! Gosh!

But anyway here we go.Please rate and comment on my youtube account. Your comments mean a lot to me.Thanks.


  1. You do such beautiful work.. thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Thanks Crystal!I try my best to come up with new ideas and stuffs.Thanks for stopping by.See you later:)

  3. Really love the feel of this card! It's gorgeous!

  4. That is a beautiful card Tassy, I will watch the video when I get a moment.

    I hope you are well and have a good Christmas holiday.

    Cazzy xx

  5. Hi Godelieve, thanks for commenting! it means so much to me and I get most of my inspirations from you blog:)
    Cazzy thanks a lot sweety!Happy holidays to all of you too:)


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