Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Im back....

~Hey !
Im feeling so much better.Water tastes like water, again!:) It has been a rough patch lately for me. Even my tastebud was in completely gone.My water tasted like...(****).I told a friend about it and he laughed at me, so I will not mention again what it tasted like.But I think it tasted like metal. My toast was bitter and I had no energy to get up from bed. The fever has made my skin very sore(I think it must be the fever).The skin tone has changed as well and all in all, I hated everything around me.

The day I realised I could actually drink something and not puke was the day I was like: I am alive!!As otherwise I didn't even feel alive.

Anyway, I want to forget this bad episode and move on. However I have taken the decision to have a flu jab.I have heard many stories about flu jab but all I want is to steer clear of the flu. I have been sick a few times this year, and it happens mostly during seasonal transition and each time I have experienced a different type of flu each and every time.I want this to stop.And I have tried to take all the precautions possible beforehand, like keeping warm, vitamin c, drink plenty of fluids, now I think the last thing I should do is the Flu Jab.Hope it helps me.

Anyway, I hope that you are all keeping welll, ready for the holiday season, ready for Christmas and all these Secret Santas.Above all, I hope you have all your xmas cards ready to go.I have been really behind with mine but , hey, I am too happy to be healthy right now to even worry that I haven't made enough xmas cards!So, Merry Xmas everyone...

Bye for now

PS:Thanks Cazzy:)))

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