Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping well.I am good and just chllin' but too much chillin' if you know what I mean.I broke up from work on Friday and since, I haven't done any crafting.I do not have anything to inspire me that much.All I want to do is laze around....It is fine if I laze around for a day but for couple of days, then I feel unproductive.But I have tried out new recipes..among which was a roast chicken.
Anyway talking about food, my sister Saju has always enjoyed cooking and she is really good.She makes amazing/delicious food and cakes and dessert all the times.So I told her why doesn't she create a blog.As soon as I said so, she did it and she is working on it at the moment. So I would like to support her by adding her link on here very soon.If you like exotic food , then her blog will be a must for you.So watch out for that link soon.
I am making a card using the Big Shot to emboss with Cuttlebug embossing folder.It is a special card for a special person in my life.I wanted to make a black and white card but my sister told me, I MUST add a hint of red in it...I wasn't too sure...But I am working on it and taking pictures so it can be a picture tutorial.
Bye for now, and Happy Christmas to all of you who are celebrating!

PS:Going to finish the card and will put it up later...Au Revoir!

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