Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Card

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all keeping well and unlike me, are having a ball of a time. I normally like the festive season, it gets busy, and I like the hussle and bustle on the road. Normally I like peace and quiet but around this time of the year,I do get excited with all the lights decoration, christmas trees are up, decorative window shops. I do not celebrate christmas but I like the rush of this time of the year. Friends at work will talk about their last minute shopping, their lists of gifts, holiday preparations...*sign*!

I am recuperating from my FLU. Talking about flu, could I just say, some people do not know the difference between a cold and a flu.There is a big difference!If you have a cold, you can still get up from bed and get on with your life, in between wiping your runny nose, or a cough here and there, and maybe a slight temperature. But if you have the flu, you CANNOT get up from bed as your whole body is sore, you have a headache(the pounding one, the one when you move your head, you feel as though your whole brain and eye balls are moving together with ur head),you have a high temperature, and you get sick,in other words, you vomit!Food will be the last thing on your mind - you cannot get on with your life. All you would want to do is lie down, and you feel very light headed and you will avoid talking.You would want to sleep it off and everytime you cough, you feel as though your chest is collapsing, your head is exploding and you wished the word cough never existed.

Now this is what I am talking about - Nasty huh? Well, tell me about it! I am talking about this because someone said to me, you are having a cold, and a cold is not classified as being sick.I replied, I dont have a cold, Ive got flu! He said, well, cold....flu...what the heck! IT's the same thing. Well hell no! it is not! I will not go and wish people who do not know wot I am talking about to experience it, but, do your homework before you talk.Innit!

I've had a moan and I am sorry.I did promise I will not moan on my blog, didn't I! But hey, sometimes I need to vent out and anyway, I don't think many people read my I am safe:))Except for a few regular girl friends!Thanks girlies....and just know I do appreciate your effort to visit my blog, I seriously do!Maybe I do not show enough how grateful I am.But guess wot, there is a blog candy coming up soon. I was supposed to do this ages ago when I hit the 10.000 posts, but I missed it.So it will be a late blog candy....coming up in the next week. Last but not least, my two girlies , you know who you are......I am sorry for not keeping up to my word but this week is the week I will go to the post office.(not me, my sister - she doesn't read my blog so she will not know I have already decided she is going to the PO for me - LOL! how fun is that!you see why your family should never read your blog - mine doesn't!)

Okay enough chat- let's talk about serious stuffs. Everytime I post a video, I do not put up pictures of the final project, how rude is that?!!I guess it is always very nice to have some piccies up.I am going to post some pictures and the video for it will be just couple of posts down.Arrgh!I might put up the video again...Anyway, Painshop Pro is a great tool for adding watermark.Hope you like these cards and your comments are always appreciated:)

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