Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh My GOD!!

If you read my next post , which is just below you will understand why I am in the state I am right now....On a Sunday night, instead of relaxing with a good book or magazine, I was busy editing my video since I thought I never saved it.Yet I remembered I have saved it, but when I was looking for it, I just couldnt find it....So here I am editing, and , moaning that I am spending so much time on something I have done already, but out of carelessness, never saved it bla bla bla.

Then it was ready to be I clicked on 'save as' and while typing the name 'chalking and resist technique', from the drop down menu, I saw the same title.I clicked on it and it prompted that 'a file already exists with this name, do you want to replace it?'....SO I took in a deep breath and spoke out loud to myself....okay what is this and what should I do so that I do not lose it , or lose the one I have just edited I clicked on cancel..Cancel is the safest thing to do. I went back to my web cam files and looked again...and as if a miracle happened, I saw a file with this title, I clicked on it, and guess what, my dear old edited video tutorial!!!!!!So basically, I have wasted time and energy cursing myself for not saving this, I have wasted time and energy, editing the whole video again(from the original one). And meanwhile, the edited one which I did last week, has been saved but do not ask me why I didn't see it when I was looking for it this afternoon. *SIGN!*

Okay, I cannot cry over spilled milk! It is nearly midnight, so I guess I should forget about this and go to bed.If I saw that today, all I had to do was do the audio editing and it would have been ready.It has definitely been one of those days for me and not very productive!!!!!Im a bit superstitious so, as long as all of these happened before midnight on Sunday, I do believe Monday and the other days of this week will be nice and very productive!(Jokes-Im not superstitious - but I will spit 7 times when a black cat runs across infront of me, just in case ....).

Anyway, Good night and don't forget to come back for the video which will be up very soon...




  1. If I were you I would not CANCEL, I would save it under a different name !!! I thinks that's the safest !!!
    Look on the bright side, better to have 2 copies than none !!!


    Good luck

  2. LOL!....but if I do cancel then it means I am safe as well...think about it!
    Anyway I actually thought it was my husband who was replying to this post!!*sign*...I thought just when I said my family doesn't read my blog, there you go...But then I realised it is not him, so it must be you!*giggles*...
    Next time I will try saving it under another name!And yeah you are right, having two copies are great but spending hours doing something that you have already done, (and you had spent hours on that one too) isn't very very bright.But I get your point:)


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