Sunday, December 28, 2008

Special Card to My Good Friend Susan

I have made this card for Susan, my friend who has lost her dad couple of days before christmas. I couldn't be with you but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have put a tutorial together as I know you would want to see how this card came together.
God bless you.
Lots of love,

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I wanted to add that this fabric flower from Stampin Up was white. I have used the Classic Black ink to colour the flower in black.The flat backed pearl is also from SU and I have secured it on the the red paper flower(Prima) with a glue dot.The sentiment 'deepest sympathy' is from the set 'Never a loss for words- By Kitchen Sink stamps'.Check out the website as they have fantastic stamps HERE

Close-up of this dyed flower.The sentiment has been stamped down with embossing ink and embossed with white embossing powder.
Embossing with Stencil:-
Now, I know that the embossed paisley on the white card is not very visible on here.But this is how I have made this embossing. I know that many of you are very familiar with using a Big Shot but I am aiming to show this tutorial to new crafters as everyday we have new crafters.
Also, I am very sorry about the quality of these pictures.I don't know why I was working with my scented candle next to me.The light in my room was on but that yellowish light from my candle kind of messed up a bit with my pictures.I wanted some nice lavender scent while working(what was I thinking!).
Picture 1 and Picture 2 are showing what we are going to use.
I have used my embossing stencil to emboss here.So you will need your Big Shot machine,a multipurpose platform, a sillicone pad.Now a stencil is very thin, this is why the multi purpose platform is very useful.Anyway, you will also need your cutting plates as the multi purpose platform (MPP)is NOT a cutting plate.Don't worry, you have all the information necessary to cut, emboss on the MPP itself.
Picture 3
Okay, so, place your MPP in the big shot and open the top flap, as we want to use the 'Tab 2'
Picture 4
Then place your cutting pad on top of it
Picture 5
Next place your stencil on the cutting pad.Now we are going to do some layering...if you like food , then we going to make a sandwich.(I think of food all the time).
Picture 6
On top of the stencil, you are going to place your silicone pad. In the picture , you might see some paper under the silicone, please ignore.I did place my paper under the silicone but this is a mistake.So please ignore the white paper there.
Picture 7
Then take about 4 A4 copy paper , fold them in half and place these on top of the silicone pad.
Pitcure 8
And lastly place your cutting pad on top. My one has a lot of marks on it, as you can see.
That's it, simple as that! Sandwich is ready to be eaten...I mean wind through.
Picture 9 & 10
Turn the handle and when it comes through on the other side, take it out
Picture 11 & 12
The embossed image!

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This is the embossed image.I love it.


Hope you have enjoyed this.Please say hello and hope to see you soon.



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