Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gold leaf

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is keeping well. As promised, here is the 'Vintage card, yet elegant'(in my opinion).I had to upload them, add the watermark and you know the story.And also, I am sorry that I have been quiet...I know that my subscribers and regular visitors would like to see some projects.Believe me when I say that, making cards and painting are things I am passionate about.But it is just that I am not feeling too good at the moment.I am hoping to do some painting this week end and will try to post them.They are part of my portfolio and also, there will be stuffs I need to do for my after school club at work.
Anyway , here we go.
These are the materials I have used and you will notice the Gold leaf on the right. I bought them a year ago and haven't used them much...I have used distress ink, glue pad, cutter kit by Stampin Up which includes the distress tool, flourish background stamp which is the 'Damask' clear stamp by Flourishes.
And also a vintage dress stamp...I cannot remember which company is this from...Right now, I really do not have the energy to find the stamp.If you would like to know drop me a comment, I will get back to you.

Okay , as far as I can remember I did take pictures of the steps when I was using the glue pad and gold leaf but for some reasons I cannot find them.Because this was back in December, I can't even remember if I saved them somewhere and what not.But I can tell you how I achieved this.It is pretty easy. I have stamped the Damask stamp with the glue pad. The glue pad comes with a spongy pad, which is new and dry.It comes with a bottle of special glue.You then need to apply the glue to the spongy pad and it is then ready to be used. So, then, I have stamped the image onto a white card which I have previously inked lightly with the distress ink.I then pick up a gold leaf(this is very flimsy, you got to be careful with it, give it much love and tenderness:)

Then apply the gold leaf onto your stamped image.Try to smooth the leaf down as much as you can, but as gently as you can otherwise you can tear it.Even though if this does happen, it is not the end of the world as you can add a piece of leaf on top of the exposed area and continue the same process.When you are happy that the leaf has been stuck down properly, take a sponge and buff over the leaf , again very gently. What will happen now is, the glued area will remain in place revealing your the design of your image.I love, love , love this.Mind you, there will pieces of gold leaf everywhere...on your fingers, your desk, your face, your hair...but they will go when you wash them.

Love it!

This is a patterned paper from.....ooops,I don't know!Can't remember!I haven't been very good this time with my tutorial, have I!So sorry...I think it is papermania...I will try and put more info in my comment section by this week end!I trimmed around the edge and this is my favourite pair of scissors by Fiskars.No one is allowed to touch this or......I can get very upset.......

This image has been stamped on acetate with staz on black ink and then on the reverse of the inked image, I have applied glue to the dress and I have used a dry brush to pick up some perfect pearl powder in Silver and Gold to apply to the dress.

I have used a gold organza ribbon to attach the acetate and the gold leaf stamped piece of card together.I used a craft knife to make two small incisions on the waistline and threaded the ribbon through.Then I have attached this to the patterned paper(inked the edge as well).

Forgot to mention that the gold leaf card has a torn edge...I have used my distress tool to distress the edge but I felt I had to add more interest to it , so I tore them and curled and turned them over .Since it has been distressed, it was easy to be rolled over.

I have finished off with some flat back sticky pearls from papermania and heat embossed (gold)the word adorable(Hero Arts)

That's all from me for now...I do hope you like this project and also, I wanted to share this with you. I have a calendar (saju gave me)with the following saying: When we find beauty in the smallest of things, it makes our sould grow-Adele Basheer.
I have always believed that , it is not the quantity but the quality that matters.I sometimes stop, and watch in wonder the beauty of the sky at sunset time....I used to find an immense pleasure, I was actually in awe, in front of the blue and turquoise lagoon and white beach back home....I sometimes can sit down quietly and watch a bird , I find this amazing.
When it rains, I find beauty in it, where are they coming from , how long have they travelled....weird , maybe, but this is something I still think about and I still like to put my hands out of my window and feel the rain..sometimes, it is a good feeling to feel the rain, rather than feeling you are getting wet and you need to rush.And, in the early morning, on my way to work, the morning dew on a freshly bloomed flower, will catch my sight and I will stop and look at it..And sometimes, I am in awe, in front of such natural beauty.I cannot describe it and I do not know if you will understand what I am saying....but this is how I feel.And yet again, I might stop infront of a window shop and admire the display, and I might be lost into my own world for a few minutes.I think, we are so busy and stressed out nowadays that we do not give ourselves the time to notice little things in life...But , I also know, maybe I am just plain weird as , sometimes, even a ray of sunshine , across my net curtain, can be fascinating as it projects an interesting pattern on my desk!!!!Maybe it is just me, or maybe, just maybe, I am a bit mad! sister told me one day, I am the 'Misunderstood Artist'.I quite like that because, most of the times, I try to explain myself, and people totally misunderstand me or I admire something which people find absolutely normal and do not understand where I am coming from.And if you have read all of this, until this word, right here, right now...then, I must say, I am impressed!Are you not bored yet?
Bye for now and take care, until I see you next time..hopefully soon.
lotsa love,


  1. That is gorgeous Tassy. You will find something on my blog for you shortly.

    Cazzy xx

  2. That is beautiful Tassy, gold leaf is one of the things I keep promising to try - I will put it at the top of my list.


  3. Thanks ladies!:)Cazzy I saw wot you got for me on your blog, will do it this week end and Kay,I noticed you like making ATC...the gold leaf is a must for you!And have you ever tried gold leaf liquid? This is also beautiful..I will try and do a project with it and you will love it.
    Bye for now and speak later...Im going to the gym after so long..don't wanna go, but I have to drag myself there..(just want to keep fit as it is official now, I just cannot diet, I like to eat, simple and let's face it:)


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