Friday, January 23, 2009

Tribute to lovely Suzanne

Another shock today.I went to Suzanne's blog since I was thinking I haven't heard from her for a while now.I have been so engrossed with so many things recently that the last time I visited her blog was in December and left her a comment.
But today I have just realised, she is no more.She passed away on Christmas eve.

Suzanne was someone who always used to leave me encouraging comments and she always , always told me how beautiful and inspiring my blog was. When I did a card using the Kitchen Sink stamps, she fell in love with it. She loved it so much that I made a complete project to send her.This is the link to see what I have made specially for her:HERE.

I sent her everything and she was so happy to receive them.She even told me about her plan to open a gift shop, with exclusive handmade products and would like me to send her more of my creations so she could sell them for me.She really made me feel good about myself and her blog always made me laugh or smile.She was someone I have never met personally, but always felt as though I have known forever.We have planned to meet up for coffee when she visits London.

But she has passed away.I cannot describe my sadness but she was a very strong woman.She is now not here with us and I do wish she rests in peace.She will be missed terribly.I have lost a friend who did care about me, about what I had to say, about what I do....I miss you Suzanne and hope you rest in peace.

With lots of love,

This is Suzanne's blog.


  1. Beautiful tribute, and lovely cards. Thank you so much for Remembering our beloved Suzanne. She was a very unique person ... gave more love to other than she did herself. I believe she is resting in peace.

  2. Nice tribute!! I miss her too!!

  3. Suzanne had a way of making all of us feel better about ourselves. And she bragged on you a lot.

  4. I am so sorry to hear such sad news, she was a beautiful lady. Please pass on condolences to her family. xx


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