Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad truth about some people about there...

Hi everyone,

I am writing today, feeling angry and sad at the same time. I have had issues with people hacking into my emails before....but this is the very first time, someone hacked into my account, emailed nasty things to my friends on my list and also, I suppose it is the very same person who keeps leaving negative comment on my blog.The reason these comments have never been published is because, my comments are on moderation.So, I get to see the comments first, then if I want to publish them , I do so.But recently, I have had to delete some comments which were irrelevant.I really didn't allow them to bother me, as I thought, it was just one of those things to have haters.That 'person' was always telling me negative things on my videos, my blog, my cards...I thought at first they were just personal opinion, and I do believe that anyone should be entitled to their own opinion and thought, if that person doesn't like what I do, then, it is fine.But I cannot stop doing what I am doing as , against the one nasty comment, I have so many other positive comments where people like what I am doing and want to see more of my creations.

And on the other hand, I cannot stop since, I do what I do, first and foremost for myself. The blog exists because I wanted to have somewhere to keep my cards and creations, and also, I wanted to share what I do with you guys.And, my aim is not to have a crowd of admirers or anything like that. My aim is to share, to inspire and to be able to help with any questions about crafting or Art.So, even though , I have had comments like 'your blog is not interesting', it doesn't bother me.I do know that 'haters' exist and some are just jealous, others are just expressing how they feel, and by all means, do go ahead and express yourselves!I am not going to stop you all.

But, hacking my account and emailing my friends, posing as 'ME' so that to create a bad impression of 'ME' is plain dumb silly!First of all, I do not believe in swearing as , those who swear have a lack of vocabulary...this is my opinion.So for you, whoever you are, to go and email those swearings to my is so out of order.My friends knew it wasn't me...its so out of charactor.

Now I am talking to you because it is very obvious you(the hacker) read my blog - What is your problem? What is your real issue? Once you called me a 'paki' and you said you hate my blog.To start with , I am not from Pakistan and secondly, if you hate my blog, why do you bother visiting it and leaving a comment. Why do you feel so compelled to do so?Now, no matter what your problem is, all I want to say to you is: Get out of my face.I have been very patient with you.I am fed up with you and your nonsense. And get this once and for all, I am not going to stop blogging...I am not going to stop what I love the most.And this is the first and last time I am talking to you directly and I am doing so openly so you know, all my friends now know about you.And if you think you can bully me and get away with it, you are so damn wrong.

I will really appreciate if you can just leave me alone.I repeat, I will never stop blogging or doing everything you see on here.

To all my friends: I would like to apologise to you guys for my non-crafting post today as I had to talk about this since, this blog also nearly got hacked.I managed to sort it out.But my facebook account got hacked and my email has been hacked.If any of you , on my friends list , has received a 'weird' email with lots of swearings from me recently, you know it wasn't me.But everything is sorted now and this time, I have put into place a security system whereby, none of my email can be hacked, and if someone tries, their IP address can be tracked down...


I was going to voice over my video today but I will leave it for the week end!

Bye for now everyone and sorry to all my subscribers for this post.I hope you understand.

Take care and lots of love to you , my friends, my crafty buddies, my friends from blogland...and my family and new visitors!


  1. That is so awful Tassy, I hope you get it sorted out, I would involve the police personally.


  2. Cazzy, I know!(And I am working on this) Thanks for your reply.And thanks for those who have emailed me as well...And you are all right, some people are just evil and has nothing better to do!At least, let others who have better things to do, do them peacefully hey!
    I ain't going anywhere, I am here,I am staying:)

  3. Sorry you're having these problems Tassy. Keep posting - I love you blog.


  4. I am so sorry to hear that someone has done something so awful to you. I love your blog so please keep posting.

  5. THanks Caro and LAzy kay...It is good to know that there are some people out there who likes my blog.It would actually be very nice if my regulars can leave me a comment to show they like my blog....I was very down about this whole thing but now, im feeling better.Thanks for all comments wanting me to stay and carry on blogging.It means so much to me.Thanks to all those who have emailed me and show support.Love u guys!:)

  6. Hey Tassy,

    Don't let this jerk destroy your confidence or dreams. Obviously, whoever this person is, must be intimidated by your talent and creativity. Keep blogging and making your videos, for they are beautiful. Be careful by keeping a watchful eye. You never know how close this jerk may be to you.

    Your friend,
    Cheryl (a.k.a creativewifee08)

  7. Cheryl, thanks dear! The more comment I get the more confident I become.Yeah, I will not allow anyone to destroy my confidence and you are right though, need to keep eyes wide open!
    Thanks and speak to you soon.
    Note to all crafty bloggers out there: check out creativewifee08 video on tube.They are just fantastic!It is called Relaxation through journalling.The link is here:

    Bye and speak to you soon.

  8. well i think your blog is awesome!
    ...& your talent is awesomer (LOL! i think thats a word)
    so i'm glad that you have stood up for yourself. take care

  9. Butterfly,thanks....:)'awesomer' exists in my vocabulary(LOL).take care


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