Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank you Subscribers!!

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who made that special prayer for my dad.He is not great, but I strongly believe he is getting better and will only get better from here. I have been so down today and nothing appealed to me. I have cried until I had no tears left...did you ever feel like this? You still wanted to cry, but no tears were actually coming out.So I had a long hot bath and decided to have an early night.I guess I have never ever felt so empty and lonely.I came to the conclusion that , in life, you lose something, to gain something.

So, the price to pay for living away from my parents is this:-you miss them like crazy and you feel helpless.

Anyway, enough of my moans.I was checking my youtube channel and thought that maybe the background needed to change as the cards there were for my friend who has passed away recently and everytime I look at it, it saddens me to a great extent.But on the other hand,I want them there as a memory...So while I was debating what to do, I saw my FIRST Special Gold Award...'Most viewed today!..I couldn't believe it! I am thrilled!And this is because of your support guys! A big thank you to all my subscribers,those who watch my videos, and those who leave me a comment...thanks a lot!

Bye for now peeps,
I have promised some valentine cards videos this weekend but I am not sure...I will see.Sunday I will be on my own for the day so maybe it will be ideal to do some then.

Take care and speak to you all soon,

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