Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Im shocked and sad...

I cannot remember exactly when I came across Bev's blog(crafty moments).I know that I added her to my favourite and I intended to add her to my blog list on my own blog as soon as I have done my make over.

I always go and visit her blog as I like to read what she is up to, what she has created and she is very talented.

The other day, I read on the inlovewithstamping website that She has passed away.I wasn't sure who they were talking about but had a feeling it might be her.So, I went on her blog.Her last post was on the 18th of December where she was talking about how excited she was that christmas was just around the corner, how she wasn't ready.Then couple of previous post about her plans for January '09, how much she would love to craft everyday...ect.She had plans.And under the comment section, her dad has posted to let us know she fell very sick, and that was on the 23rd.Then, afer that she has passed away.She was only 40.I was so shocked, and I couldn't believe it.

I am still under the shock, Im feeling so down and sad and cannot express how I feel as I have never met her, yet I feel as though I have known her.At least, I understood all her excitement about cardmaking as I am as excited as her.I felt her enthusiasm as she talks about all these beautiful things she makes with such happiness and energy.She was also so funny and I just loved reading her blog.And it saddens me to a great extent.I hope her blog stays as I can never get fed up of admiring her beautiful works.

I hope she rest in peace.Today we are here, tomorrow we are gone.

Take care everyone,



  1. Hi Tassy, this is such sad news, I wasn't sure if I was a follower of Bevs blog so I had a quick peek and she was so excited about Christmas and she has 4 boys! Its very true, we never know what is around the corner.
    Take care

  2. How awful at such a young age. You really never know what is round the corner so you need to make the most of now.


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