Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi everyone!

I spoke to Amias, one of Suzanne's closest friend and I do feel better. I know that sometimes, some people will think that virtual friendship are not like real world friendship, but I have found genuine friends in my virtual/blog land and some are even closest to me than those I see everyday!!!!So I will use this post to say thank you to all my friends, whom I have never met but who are there for me, at the touch of my keypad!Thanks everyone!

And I noticed todays word in the online Dictionary is 'Talisman'.....Well, you might think 'yeah? and so...?' Well guys, my name is Tassy but short for Taslimah. And I have had people calling me Tasliman before either to tease me, or genuinely making a mistake and asked me if my dad named me like so because of the beautiful meaning it had! So let's celebrate this word which is so similar to my real name, hahahaha.

Word of the Day Archive Saturday January 24, 2009

talisman \TAL-is-muhn, TAL-iz-muhn\, noun:

1. an object, such as a ring, engraved with figures supposed to have magic power; charm

2. anything that seems to produce extraordinary results

Now suppose I have magic power and can produce extraordinary results, what would you ask from me?

I must leave you on these notes for now and hope to speak to you soon.

Special thank yous to my You tube subscriber...Please dont stop watching and subscribing.Love ya all,



  1. Hi Tassy,

    I'm glad you have had a chance to talk with Amias. I know she is very affected by Suzanne's death so it's good for both of you. Death leaves us in such a sad place, esp. someone who has taken their own precious life... That's even harder sometimes because of so many emotions that run through your mind.... I have had one person close to me commit suicide in a very violent manner and it has never left me... I felt guilty for many months, thinking If I had had the chanced to talk to him, I could have talked him out of it as I had one previous time a month before he took his life. He was only 27 at the time and had a one year old daughter... It really tore me apart inside, as he had called to talk to me a week before he did it and left a message saying he needed to talk to me... I, too... had been very sick at the time didn't get back to him right away... I think I didn't even listen to his message until a week later... Then, the day I was in L.A. for the weekend I was going to see him and his mom called me to tell me he took his life. Can you imagine what was going through my mind? I still think about it and it was over 10 years 13 years ago!! His spirit came to me one e day several months after his death and released me from my guilt. It was suffocating me, too... As you described the feeling you felt when you learned of Suzanne's passing... It's just sooo sad.
    I pray for all of you...
    P.S. If you would like to email me anytime... if you feel the need to talk, please feel free... I try to be here for people who are going through hard times, as my friends were all there for me when my mom died and I had a serious back injury.
    Here's my email-
    Please feel free to write anytime...

  2. I'd think it great to be a talisman!


  3. Thanks Leesa, you are very kind.

    Lazykay,it is great to be a talisman, it is also great to be Tassy, because Tassy has no meaning, so I can be anthing I want really!hahaha..
    speak soon



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