Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow, snow, everywhere!

Hi everyone!

It has been snowing since last night and I had no clue at all...I was busy with some projects and didn't look outside even though I did filmed outside around 2pm.So last night,I was going to shower when my sister asked if I did look outside.

I looked and I was like: wow, it looks so beautiful.Then I realised, this is heavy snow. This morning, there has been a weather warning and all the bus services have been cancelled in obviously no school...I do not go to school, I work in a school, LOL. So, isn't this 'forced' holiday a blessing:)I love it!I will hopefully finish my projects...and cook something nice(hmm or maybe not!).This is an unexpected holiday, so doing routine work is not really advisable! So maybe do something I wouldn't normally do!The sky is the limit.

Watch out this space for some pics later..Going to try and take some pics outside...It is too cold though!

Speak to ya all la'er!


  1. Keep warm and enjoy your bonus day.


  2. Hi Tassy, we have snow too, lovely to look at but hate driving in it! Think the schools will be sending kids home early today. How is your dad doing?

    Keep warm and enjoy the forced holiday!


  3. I have had a nice relaxing day.I have just learnt that there is no school again tomorrow...Am I lucky or wot?!
    I am looking forward to do some more projects:)



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