Thursday, February 19, 2009

At last...!

Dear Kay and Carol!

Guess wot? I bet you never I have put your parcels in the post! yoohooo!Finally, but, seriously girls, you have been so patient with me that I feel embarassed to even celebrate the fact that I finally managed to do it!So keep an eye on your post man, he should bring you the suprise shortly.

I went on my Girls night out yesterday and watched 'He is so NOT into you'...OMG, I lorrrrve this movie, absolutely hilarious, absolutely my kinda film.You girls should watch it...:)

And look what I found in my inbox today!And yeah this is something I have realised too, so thank you Mariam for sharing this with me, lol...

Bye and look out for some more projects today...oops,I was meant to keep silent!



  1. Only one thing to say Tassy A BIG THANK YOU!

    I've sent you an email.


  2. HI Tassy! Just dropped by your site to see some new things you're up to. Everything looks great, love the poetry. I'm also a poet for many years. I love this little bunny rabbit above...he's so cute. Who makes that stamp. Okay, hope all is well. It's freezing here in the states. Talk soon. Much love. Susan

  3. Hey Susan!
    good to hear from you! well the weather is not too bad at the moment in the UK..I can already feel the beginning of summer, but I might be dreaming too, as you know me! lol
    Anyway, it is not a stamp, it is an attachement my friend sent me by email...IT is really cute isnt??
    Will talk soon,


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