Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Pics, as promised!

Hi there!
So how was your 'snow' day? I was happy to have a 'forced' holiday and these are some pics which I took on that Monday.I love snow!I mean I think it is beautiful.I do not really like to stand outside and play in the snow...I do not even think I will make a snowman or anything like that...or probably I would, if all my sisters were here with me in the UK!!
Anyway, my first pic is a footprint and its not mine! It is my sister's! And who said that 'we're making a fuss about the snow?'!lol...Look, this is about ..what? 4 , 3 inches?I like this pic:)

Look at this pic!!This bird.. refused to look at me.I called and called and called but he blanked me!I wonder what he is thinking about and why is he on his own!He's got attitude!I lorve this pic too!
And this is me!!Trust me when I say, I had to be careful...I am always falling so on this day, I had to be extra careful.
Anyway, so that's about it! And I know that some people are just angry about the whole snow thing.My personal opinion is, Britain was not ready for it because, this is happening after 18 years. Some were saying that UK should have made provision and get prepared for this .I think, that, will the government be ready to spend so much money(millions? billions?) to invest so that next time it happens, public transport can still run? Well, food for thoughts. However, there were about 20% who couldnt get into work and UK has lost (billions) just for that one day , as far as the economy is concerned.All in all, give the government a break!This is an unexpected happening! Someone very positive said that at least some family got to spend the day together! so lets look at the positive sides for the moment and enjoy the pics. If you have any pics , let me know if its on your blog, would like to see them!
Bye for now!


  1. Great Snow picture. I am sure there are some card ideas in these pictures Bee

  2. Lovely photos - especially the snow on the shrub - nice for making cards with.



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